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Rod Sander: I’m completely familiar with our electoral history. And I never even mentioned Hillary in my comment. Nor did I say you, personally, were a tRump voter. Nor did I say all people who voted for him are deplorable. Nor did I pretend to be or say I am morally superior. What I do feel is that people who voted for him are ignorant or at best unbelievably gullible — they thought they would get the fairytale version — they fell for all the BS and lies. But what they got is exactly what he is, sans the hope-filled ideas that maybe he’d grow into the job or learn to be presidential or whatever it is people were beguiled into thinking would magically happen if this heartless, soulless creature became CIC. All he does is think about himself — everyday, all the time. Which is exactly the same pathetic, repulsive narcissist that was candidate tRump. What I “hate” is the hate he has gleefully, purposely spread around the country - in his reality it’s now PC to be openly bigoted, to pass racism off as patriotism, to use dangerous war-mongering threats while claiming it’s about national security or the defense of our allies whom he doesn’t give a shit about. What I hate is his total ignorance of our constitution and the way our branches of government work. He only likes our amendments when it suits his purpose — he really hates the first amendment — that’s for sure. And the lies! He lies almost every time he opens his mouth or wastes our time and money on Twitter like the puerile adolescent that he is— over and over and over — and he never ever says he’s sorry like all normal human beings do — about a single thing. He treats his job like a TV game show where he keeps track of polls and ratings because that’s all he cares about. (but only the polls he likes cause the rest are “fake news,” of course.) He’s exhausting the budget for the Secret Service after only 9 months because of his self-centered, nonchalant penchant for golf, vacations, and desire to be anywhere that’s not the White House (the “dump” that it is, to him.) (remember “If I were president, I wouldn’t have time to go golfing — I’d be too busy — I’d be at the White House all the time?” remember “drain the swamp?”- as many of his cabinet members/family members/WH “advisors” waste millions of taxpayer dollars for private jets to waltz around the country, NOT for government biz, but just because they CAN— because this administration doesn’t care about fiscal conservatism — they never DID!!) Poor Donald — I guess there’s just not enough gold curtains, gold tablecloths, gold silverware, gold carpeting, gold wallpaper, gold bedspreads, gold chandeliers, and gold-framed photos or paintings of HIMSELF at the White House — who could live in a place without all that? Such a dump! I find it unfathomable how anyone can defend this man who is clearly mentally/intellectually, emotionally/morally, spiritually unfit to hold his office. IMO there is no defense. I look forward to the conclusion of Mueller’s investigation & the impeachment or resignation that follows — or his ousting in 2020, whichever occurs first.