Harvard Republican Club Refuses to Endorse Donald Trump
Harvard Republican Club

Shame On You! For 16 years, I have set back and watched our America fall apart! I can’t tell Republicans from Democrats in Congress? The Republicans I use to see in Congress would have already Impeached or Imprisoned Obama for his Treasonous Acts by now! I am not alone in how I feel! Millions and Millions of Patriots have set back and watch our Country be destroyed! All this started with Bill Clinton sending our jobs overseas! Then Bush, our own party, covering up what really happened on 9/11 just to start a war! Now we have Obama infiltrating the Country with Muslims that looks like Armies! Islam infiltrating our schools! God being removed from our Country! Then here comes Hillary! One of the biggest liars, scam artist that has ever been in a high Office running for the Presidency! You speak about Reagan? He didn’t take no shit either! He spoke his mind and told people to sit down and shut up! You talk about how Trump speaks? You must watch the Media? They like to get things twisted! You speak of Political Correctness? This is something the Democrats came up with, just to get around the Constitution! Speaking of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights…you may want to read them again! Islam is not even allowed on American Soil, but yet it’s here! Our jobs are gone, our borders are open, our President is sending Millions of dollars to our enemies, and our Country is being flooded with illegals! And here you are, saying you’re going to support the same thing for another 4 years? We will not have a Country! Oh, I forgot! You must be under the Common Core studying? By the way, was put in schools through Bill Clinton! Which is killing our kids and our teachers! Our schools, our Media, our Government is all ran by the Democrats! Looks like it has worked on YOU! Everyone says we have 2 Evils running? One is definitely Evil and hopefully God will stop her! As for Trump, at least he loves our Country! The way I see it…we vote Trump and Pence in Office! If Trump goes suicidal on us…Impeach him and we still have Pence! That’s only if you still have faith in the Republicans we have in Congress now! :) Seems like they haven’t been doing their jobs for the past 8 years or Obama would be gone by now! While we still have a Country, I will fly my flag, I will still say God Bless America…I don’t care who I offend! So good luck with your Club, God Bless You, and God Bless America!!!!

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