THE OCD HORROR! (This is my actual cabinet)

Your New Routine for Complacency Housekeeping

Judy Russ
Judy Russ
Nov 28, 2018 · 3 min read

I reorganize my tupperware cabinet every 3 weeks.

I start off strong, with each washed takeout container stacked neatly in one corner.

My little “Glad” 8oz-ers with flimsy blue lids used for meal prep snacks fit snugly in the back. To the right of them sit my larger, mashed-potato-leftover sized Rubbermaids.

Finally, the misshaped, always leaking Ziploc red lidded weirdos line the cabinet sideways.

It’s a glorious sight, and it makes me feel good (this is the kind of thing that spikes my endorphins since swearing off my party days for good, OKAY?).

And for the first few days, I patiently lift the smaller containers to stack the larger ones beneath them. I neatly place their lids close to those of a similar size and shape.

But by day 18, all hell breaks loose.

I open the cabinet only to witness a COMPLETE coup d’état. A Ziploc tumbles violently onto the counter- three Glads follow suit, pulling two mismatched lids down with them. One hits me in the nose.

WHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY?!” I lament to my boyfriend boorishly from the kitchen, haphazardly and violently throwing each piece back into the cabinet, slamming the door shut to contain any further damages of war.

But that doesn’t solve anything. I know, deep in the back of my mind, that mess is still waiting for me the next time I consider saving the rest of the stir fry for lunch tomorrow instead of forcing the rest of it down my gullet.

It awaits quietly for the two pieces of sausage to be used in the following morning’s omelette.

Finally, by the third week, I work up the courage to approach the cabinet reasonably (peace treaty in hand).

I remove all of the tupperware — ensure the cleanliness of their wooden home by running a rag throughout — and take twenty minutes to reorganize.

Defeating Complacency Through Constant Reevaluation

Oh- there it is. The point has arrived.

This tupperware chaos begins because of one lazy decision to toss a clean container carelessly back into a cabinet without a conscious thought. This creates a domino effect, and shit gets real out of hand, real quick.

It isn’t much different for our personal and professional goals.

But, listen. To err is human. Getting sidetracked and unfocused is probably going to happen.

The most important thing is learning to check in with ourselves, and rerouting/refocusing to stay the course when necessary.

Because nobody is going to stack that plastic for us. We may as well do it now, lest the next victim be an EYE instead of a nose.

Your face will thank you.

— — — — — — — —

My name is Judy, and I’m a poet, copy/ghost writer, and content curator specializing in Fitness, Travel, Outdoor Adventures and Personal Development.

I write full time in coffee shops all over Philadelphia, or at home with my pitbull mix Riley dropping tennis balls in my lap.

You can follow my newly (chaotically) launched writing career on my instagram (@amongst_mountains) — or read more fun content on my website, Amongst

Judy Russ

Written by

Judy Russ

Part time writer, Part time cook. Making it up as I go along. (Food, Personal Growth, Adventure & Travel)

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