Go Forth & Hustle

It’s happened again. You are facing the start of a brand-new year full of new opportunities. You’ve got a brand spanking new calendar, a fresh new notebook, a blank slate for new creations and possibilities. What are you going to do this year to make it different? Better? More exciting? What’s it going to take to make 2017 the most memorable year yet?

To make the next year better than ever, add hustle. What is hustle, you ask?

Yes, it was a dance craze in the 70’s, but that is not what we’re talking about. Hustle is the non-stop need to keep a creation, project, or idea going until it succeeds. Hustle is constant, a persistence and focus, a need to fulfill and be fulfilled, seeking opportunities, connections, and new approaches. Hustle is an all-consuming, ongoing activity, and we all have it, but many of us choose not to use it.

How am I sure we all have hustle? It’s innate in everyone one of us. Hustle is what helped us survive and evolve. I am surrounded by entrepreneurs, startups and business owners that have learned to engage and use their hustle muscle. They are working their business, staying true to their focus, and creating strategies to succeed. Once you start using your hustle, it will help you strategize any impending downturns and setbacks.

How do you engage your hustle muscle?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a product you can pick up off a shelf in a store, or order on Amazon to help. The good news is hustle is in every one of us. Having a passionate idea and a commitment to succeed is what it takes to uncover hustle. Like I mentioned, hustle is a muscle that needs to be worked and engaged. The amount of hustle is in direct correlation to to the commitment and passion to see it through. Once your idea gets started, hustle helps to keep it going and keep it growing. Down turns during the creative process is a given, but hustle helps you pivot and keep you energized. Many of us get lost in the day to day, but showing up, and hustling for the next customer, the next sale and achieving the next benchmark keeps us going and growing. When you engage hustle, you are in constant motion. Nothing can stop you.

So start engaging and using your Hustle. Make sure that every day you are creating a new pathway to a potential new connection, reconnecting with your community, and uncovering the light that is deep within that makes you tick and get up in the morning. My wish to you in 2017 is, go forth and hustle. Good things come to those who DO.