Stop Spending So Much Time In Your Head
Darius Foroux

I spent a lot of time and energy thinking … and worrying. When I grew older, I worried about being old, sick and poor until I cracked up. It took a while to realize that pills and therapy weren’t going to help. I’d have to do it myself. I read about chronic anxiety, took classes, talked to people and finally I knew what I had to do… RETRAIN MY BRAIN! Every time negative thoughts took over, I went outside in my yard, sat under a tree with my dog, watched the squirrels scamper and the birds fly and the grass grow, and lived in that moment. I abandoned those old paths in the brain and gradually made new ones. It took nearly five years, but it worked for me. I AM old, sick and poor but it doesn’t bother me any more and I am content on the NOW.

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