Actually, Libertarians got more votes than she did.
Lorraine Heth

Call me a liberal in conservative clothing, which I am decidedly not. I am the voice of: We do not just have 2 parties. Others ran. Sanders pretzeled himself onto the D ticket but didn’t get the nomination. For now, it’s a 2-party system and the messes created trying to force that issue away with truly progressive candidates are getting progressively worse. W was horrible, and we all suffered terribly under his stupidity and conservative hate agenda particularly if we were from an oppressed group. He now looks like a hero compared to Dump and Dence, who are going to be the demise of the planet. So hold tight and pray that “the 2 party system sucks” mantra doesn’t make the planet dust this time around. Accept the 2-party system and run for office on a truly progressive ticket. Bernie, as beloved as he is by so many, was not the right person for this role.

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