The Shirley Margaret Dolls

I did my first doll “makeunder” yesterday and turned a glitzy, pouting, over made up Bratz doll into a beautiful, natural looking girl. When I was removing the old paint and replacing it with a more innocent look I felt as if I was freeing them. Lots of people have said how much they like them and would love their daughters/grandchildren to play with dolls like this. The one I did took about 4 hours to complete and although I do have more to do, I don’t have enough to give away at the moment. So I had an idea to do a blog from the doll’s point of view and write some adventures for her as she rediscovers the beauty of playing outside. I have called them the Shirley Margaret dolls after my mum. I hope you like their adventures! (ps. this is my first EVER blog so I am feeling exceptionally pleased with myself. Now I just have to try and add a photo!

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