Vignettes of a Poly Self

This is a repost from my old Wordpress blog, late June thoughts from this summertime, thinking much about the heart, people, love, connections. Sharing again here because polyamory is polymorphous, polymorphic, and I am continuing to learn so much more about what it means to love.

Iacobucci: “So that’s his name? Poly?”
Me: “No, his name is not poly. Do you know what poly is? Polyamory?”
Iacobucci: “What’s that?”
I explain.
Iacobucci: “Ah, it’s one of your hippie-dippie stuff.”

Me, teary eyed as I have often been with him due to heartaches for another man.
Luke, bless his patience with me, asking: “Are you secretly monogamous?”

In one man’s arms, thinking about how I should leave soon for a boy currently four metro stations away with my siblings before he flies back an ocean away in 1.5 days, and thinking about how no matter the people, I missed an entirely other human being more –

And then the next morning in tiredness and stress and sudden dream-jerked wake, in tears again. It wasn’t because of that other human being. But I thought of that other human being. I tried to explain.

Luke: “He seems to be a theme.”

Me: “Thank you for being here.”