Judy, I always love tuning into your thoughts and tumbling them around for a bit.
Michelle Poccia

MichellePoccia, thank you for taking the extra time to noodle it. You are so insightful, my friend.

I decided yesterday, I don’t even like the term Coach. What does that even mean? We all can help and inspirer others on any given day, on any outlet (face to face during lunch with a friend, by phone with a colleague I barely know, by providing a bird’s eye view of my own struggles, and even in a zoom webinar when my goal was simply to learn the lesson myself!)

I love the teaching of the #altMBA program so much and the structure for learning. The model and structure is as important as the content and the collaboration by all the same open minded students…all choosing to be there. I truly recommend it to ALL! I hope I can give the gift to my 3 kids one day. It should be this type of learning in our middle and high schools.

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