Reconnecting With My Childhood Pen Pal, 30 Years Later
Willow Older

Beautiful! I sooo know that fuzzy feeling. I too have a childhood penpal story. When I was in the fourth grade and living in the States I had a best friend — Diann. We were inseparable until the day my parents announced that we would be immigrating to Israel. But, the bond was still there and for ten years we exchanged letters. Then one day, she showed up at our door. That weekend my boyfriend was home on leave from the army, and I admit, I gave him more attention than I gave my childhood BBF. After that visit the letters stopped and we lost touch. I was heart broken, because I felt I had let her down. For years all I wanted to know was that she was alright. Then, in 2007 thanks to the Internet I found her. Without thinking twice, I lifted the phone. She recognized my voice and we picked up our conversation from where we left off so many years ago. We are still friends and the funny thing is, her memory of that weekend is totally different from mine! HUGS ❤

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