Tips to become a Better Parent
Spiritual Seeker

Your post Spiritual Seeker raises many provoking thoughts — the first is: What is positive parenting? I have a feeling that not all parents would agree what “positive” is. Does it mean to let a child have everything and anything s/he wants? Doe it mean asking children for their consent regarding everything we do for/with them? Does it mean never punishing a child?

This last question raises another — what does it mean to punish a child? Are punishing and discipline one and the same? Can you have one without the other?

Finally, how do parents develop parenting skills? Are they instinctive? Do we learn simply from trial and error? Should parents be obliged to take some kind of parental training? How does one encourage parents to improve their skills? Many parents today are so involved in and overwhelmed by the basic logistics of survival and the technicalities of everyday life with kids, parenting becomes secondary when they have time …

Thank you for triggering — hopefully — a dialog. There is not one simple answer to these question. HUGS ❤

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