(Why) The English-Speaking World is the New Soviet Union
umair haque

my comments to a great article by umar haque

communism (Soviet Union) is an authoritarian system. People are controlled with physical, ideological and financial force. There was never a “social” component.

capitalism (US, “western countries”) is an authoritarian system as well. People are controlled with financial, ideological and physical forces (slightly different order than communism).

When you change the narrative, it may change the perspective:

Reagan „asked“ Gorbachov to take down the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain. This was a global unification of authoritarian politics and it allowed the USSR to move millions of people into the West (very few moved the other way). China followed soon after. The protesting people looked good on TV (propaganda).

Fast forward to 2017 we see corporations in an widely unregulated global market. The owners, shareholders, presidents, boardrooms … of these corporations are holding the (illusion of) ultimate financial power, which requires the ideological conformity of “the People” to the Friedman doctrine (“the goal of a corporation is to increase revenue and profits” aka “worshipping the god of mammon”). Physical force is used to create fear, as well as to deal with disobedience.

The resulting system is extreme totalitarian capitalism although very close to communism, especially considering the “five year plans” which many companies blindly follow.

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