You love your people, or you want to. So why isn’t your team killing it?

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We’ve all read hundreds of articles and books musing on the perfect recipes for success and achievement. So it should come as no surprise that you already possess the skills to turn any good team into a great one.

I’ve been blessed to be a part of and lead several high-performing and cross-functional teams over a 15 year career in a leadership role. We grew a successful, self-funded startup as the first bubble burst. …

Three entrepreneurs share their passions behind making collaborative spaces — that happen to serve great coffee and food.

“No. We work out of coffee shops.”

“They don’t mind?”

It’s a question I hear a lot. My company, Workfrom, is built around the premise that awesome things happen when we expand the relationship between vendor and patron. By enabling a community of mobile workers to share their favorite spaces for getting work done outside of the home or office, we spotlight over 1,000 coffee shops around the world.

It’s no surprise that coffee shops are popular destinations for remote workers wanting a place to stay awhile, to work on a wide variety of projects. But is that why entrepreneurs take the risk to open their own coffee shop — to create a communal space where people like us can work alongside strangers for varied lengths of time? …


jewel mlnarik

// former maker of @workfrom, @fotosnap_co, @pdxstartupwomen and other art

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