Golf, Why So Serious?

I have a new passion in my life, something that relaxes me but yet causes frustration at the same time. Golf. Growing up I was not exposed to golf at all. I did play sports but not golf, why I don’t know but today the answer is the complete opposite. When I am not working I am golfing now. Golf is a sport that is pretty easy to pick up but can make something fun very stressful. Growing up I played baseball so when I went to go hit some golf balls for the first time I thought it would be pretty easy. It all hand and eye coordination, I can hit a 90+mph baseball how can I not hit a little white ball straight. Well I was wrong, I have what they call in the golfing world a banana ball. A fade or slice would be when the ball you hit makes a banana like curve. After countless hours at the driving range the fades/slices where just getting worse. Que the frustration of golf, being a super competitive person when you cannot hit a ball straight gets a little embarrassing. “Golf has its own language, and its scoring lingo can be especially puzzling to understand. If understanding golf scores seems like a foreign language, the following table of golf scoring terms can help you feel right at home on the course.” Golf for Dummies.

So what does one do? Do I quit? Do I pay outrageous rates for lessons? No, with the countless amount of “Golf Pro’s” online you can find free videos to help you out. Some of the websites that I have come across that have great info and tips are: About Golf , Golf for Dummies, and Golf Digest. These sites have tons of videos and informational guides on how to play golf. Now it’s one thing to understand golf and it’s another thing to say you can play golf.

I found the only way you will get it is by actual doing it. I went golfing for the first time with my dad, brother, and uncle. I had my clubs and was all excited about it. I grabbed my ball teed it up and swung…… I missed. What happens next later becomes a ritual for every time I play golf. Practice swings. Golf is game of patience and touch. Did I keep score when I started playing? Nope, I measured my play by how many balls I lost and how much fun did I have. Golf has 18 holes in a round of golf I would lose 15–16 balls. I asked myself why am I putting myself thru this misery. It took almost 3–4 rounds of golf when I realized golf is just a game but when you’re playing well it’s fun and somewhat relaxing. When your losing its terrible and plan in simple sucks.

Que the Light bulb above my head.

This is just like our everyday work life. When at work when you get your task done you typically do not run into any snags and they day goes well. The opposite of that well we know how that day at work turns out. So rather than trying to muscle or rush shots in my game, I take my time and rely on form. You don’t walk into a work meeting without prepping for the meeting. You Prep. All I can say practice makes perfect and you can’t get better unless you go out there and do it. Let me know what you think about trying new things and failing at first. How do you get better? Or do you just give up?


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