The Unnecessary Competition

This topic was on my mind for quite a while and I thought of writing about it. The Unnecessary Competition of getting good grades. Are the students responsible? partially; are they the ones to blame? no. From the very beginning of our school life, we were told by our parents to achieve 1st position. As we grew up, Our relatives and society start poking there nose into our matters, asking about our grades and laughing if we weren’t able to score good enough. Just when we started to apply for different universities, all of us finally felt free from this cage of unnecessary and idiotic competition brought upon us; but the universities policies had other plans, The Relative Grading. For those who don’t know, Relative Grading is a system in which the first 10 students of a batch are given A Grade, the following 10 students are given B Grades. Why am I against it? Well simply because no matter how hard you try, since you’re not better at something than your friend, you’re given a lower grade. Is it necessary to be better than others to get good grades? Can’t we just work on our own selves instead of trying to get ahead of our course mates or sometimes best friends?

Such system not only creates a sense of inferiority among students with low grades, it also creates an environment of envy, and it’s natural to feel envious because that’s what we were taught. We’re not good at something unless we are ahead of someone.

That being said, I hope I’m not the only one against this weird education system. Not only are we pushed into useless competition of being better than others except learning it, we’re also strapped off from our creativity.

Young teens commit suicides if they don’t get good grades, not just good grades; grades better than the neighbor’s child. That’s how it works, even if we score C Grade, as long as we’re ahead of our classmates, we’re cool. But if we score A Grade but our classmate scores A+. We weren’t good enough.

So yeah, that’s it. None of the students wanted to be better than others, we were pushed into it because we were left with no alternative. The students just wanted to be good at something they like doing, regardless of where they stand with respect to other people.

People need to understand they don’t have to be ahead of others to be good at something. Just set a goal, work hard for it, achieve it. Job done. Don’t let others to ruin your talents and skills just because you weren’t better than them.
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