Amigas & rivais
Taís Bravo

Ela fala disso nessa entrevista aqui (que eu acho toda maravilhosa)

Mas tem uma arte que toca exatamente no ponto que você levanta e com o qual eu concordo:

“We need an ethics of our own to oppose that which the male world has imposed on and claimed from us. We need a hierarchy of our own of merits and faults, and we need to reckon with truth. But that’s possible only if we consider ourselves to be exposed to good and evil like any human being. When literature represents us as the positive pole of life or as having been exposed to evil only as victims — an evil that in the end will turn out to be a good, if looked at with spectacles different from those imposed by males — it is not doing its duty. The duty of literature is to dig to the bottom. We are a subject not only unpredictable but unknown even to ourselves. We have an urgent need for representation and for an ethics of our own. We have the right and the duty to explore ourselves thoroughly, to slip away, to cross the borders that make us suffer. I insist on self-surveillance, which means choice, assumption of responsibility, and the necessity of losing restraint in order to know ourselves, not lose ourselves.”

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