Who is Facebook’s mysterious rival?

On 2014 Snapchat (SNAP ~ NYSE) refused to sell their app for $3 Billion to Facebook (FB ~NASDAQ). Instead, they filed for an IPO, but FB didn’t take long to strike back by adding similar functionality into Instagram.

Instagram ~ Story
But that wasn’t the end of it.
Facebook ~ Messenger chat lenses

Few months after Messenger (Facebook’s standalone chat app) gained similar functionality to Snapchat as well, where video and multimedia are central to what originally was just a text chat app. Most comments in the media to this is that FB really wants to bring down Snapchat before it’s IPO, scheduled for march this year.

This morning WhatsApp, gets similar functionality with an update (video sharing “My status”).

WhatsApp ~ My status
Starting to see a pattern here?

As you may recall WhatsApp was developed by a small team (~15) in a garage right when the App Store boomed; without it, BBM (blackberry messenger) might still be a thing. Perfect timing, in combination with the rapid adoption of low priced Android devices rapidly made WhatsApp king and finished the BBM era.. Oh nostalgia… to later be acquired by FB for $19 Billion.

Capabilities of WeChat

Long long ago, in a galaxy far away… while the western world was focused on these stories, a monster was growing in China… WeChat the one-beats-all Swiss Army knife app.

Basically a single app that can get you a cab, share money, order food, rate a restaurant and the list continues.

While we might all think that Facebook’s moves are to beat Snapchat, there might be a longer play here: joining these apps in one that can take down the eastern monster… and we know Mark is fluent in mandarine already…

Food for thought?