Leaving Facebook (and not looking back)
Jonathan Cutrell

I’ve felt the same for quite some time now. I still check Facebook on my mobile on a weekly basis, but the value ain’t there anymore. At least, not for me personally. It’s nice for “killing some time”, but that’s about it.

Oh, there are Facebook groups of course. Those I do still find valuable to some extent. In fact, it’s the group conversations that still bring me back to the platform. If it weren’t for those, I’d be long gone. I’m already doing most of my family / friends communication through other platforms (namely iMessages & WhatsApp).

(Often times) irrelevant updates, ads & a whole lot of “Facebook live sessions” that I could easily live without. Instead, I’m finding that I’ve fallen in love with Twitter again. Also been having fun playing with Snapchat and lately, Anchor. Instagram has become my favourite platform of them all. Times are changing and things evolve I guess! :)

Do I need Facebook anymore? Less and less everyday, but I guess I’ll still stick around for a while. Who knows, maybe it’ll become interesting again somewhere down the road. If not.. well, maybe it really is time to “break out” once and for all.

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