What’s Going To Matter in 2018? Setting Goals, Finding Focus & More.

Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash

You are here. Start with that.

For several years now, I’ve been contemplating (read: running circles with) on an idea to start something new on interwebs. A blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel, a simple SaaS business, an online community.. *anything*.

I’ve been building something for a few days, buying a domain for it, setting up social media accounts.. then trash canning the idea:

This is not it. I don’t think this is it. Is it? This is horrible idea. What was I thinking? I don’t think this matters at all! Nah, let’s try something else.

Analysis paralysis. Fear of sticking with one idea. Failure to launch.

The end result: I big pile of website ideas, website themes, abandoned social accounts, unused domains.. you get the picture. But zero actual launches.

Now that 2017 is about to wrap up, I want to set myself just one goal for the upcoming year: To actually launch something. And to stick with that for the whole year of 2018, no matter what.

And I don’t want to spend several days (or weeks, or months) setting that thing up. No, it has to start now. It needs to start today.

For that reason, I’m starting blogging again here on Medium. And I mean, today. No more postponing. No more shuffling of ideas. No more yada yada.

It’s go time. This is where I start.

If you’re here observing these awkward first steps, thank you for reading. I really appreciate you being here. I’m Juha Liikala, also @juhaliikala on Twitter. Be sure to say hello! 👋

Now that the hardest part of actually pu(bli)shing something out the door has been done, expect to see my next post hit the Medium blogosphere early next week. Feels good to start again.

Talk soon and Happy New Year! 🎆