Hey, I am Juh!

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my interest in applying for Trainee position at Johnson & Johnson. I am a Production Engineer newly graduated and I selected this area because it interfaces with diverse fields: from sciences to financial and management concerns.

2010 .:. me and my lovely friends during our Nursing Intern Period

I am also looking forward to working with others and for the others’ wellness, as I am very much a people person. Attending Nursing college for three years (2008–2011) has helped me to fine-tune my interpersonal skills. Indeed, teamwork, creative thinking, empathy and most working with others in a team setting concerns are mostly what Nursing College brought me as a trial.

Besides studying Nursing, I worked for two years as an Administrative and Financial Assistant in the retail sale of paints and materials for painting (2011–2013). I can highlight that I am diligent and hardworking by nature. I always set myself targets and attempt to achieve these in a methodical fashion. Most importantly, I always endeavour to innovate in whatever I do; I am passionate about creating and improving new procedures and applications.

! thinking outside the box !

One day I took a huge decision that would change my life completely: I dropped Nursing College and decided to become an engineer. I was confident that I could cope with the challenges and pressures associated with this change. It was not easy and (definitively) with many “ups and downs”; yet I could show that I am a person opened to change and that analyses both successes and failures for clues for improvement.

Studying Production Engineering was stimulating and challenging. It provided better understanding of the factors that are necessary for effective operations and project implementation in today’s global and highly competitive markets. Additionally, I believe Trainee J&J program will provide me with other several opportunities to continue my lifelong learning and career development.

Studying abroad was a dream that I always had and I believe that learning in an international environment helped me to develop a wider set of skills, providing such life experience.

Fortunately, in 2014 I was granted with a scholarship sponsored by the Brazilian’s Government Program “Science Without Borders”, that allowed me to study in Ireland, for 12 months as a “Visiting Student” at Trinity College Dublin. There I had modules from their “Integrated Engineering with Management” programme, involving Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship and Renewable Energy.

2014 .:. Ireland’s rocks, they rock!
2015 .:. Coláiste na Tríonóide

Beyond the incredible academic experience —I was studying at the top ranked university in Ireland – during my exchange I became passionate about Ireland’s wonderful culture and social-political practices.

The culture of Ireland and its traditions, music, art and cuisine charms and make you love it as you could love no other country. You start to drink tea mixed with milk — probably with some biscuit too. Such like most outdoor lovers, I became passionate about everything around me — from the windswept countryside to the hair-messer coastal cliffs and the cute-as-a-button villages. I also remember to love the way the sun used to shine through the rain looking like drops of gold!

2014 .:. hair-messer coastal cliffs
2015 .:. cute-as-a-button villages

I love travelling and it helps me to broaden my horizons, offering new perspectives, both of which always had a positive effect on my life. My exchange was a great opportunity to exchanging ideas and finding out how others think and feel. Besides, the diverse international student community helped me to better understand diversity as well as my own cultural identity.

Therefore, for me studying abroad was a great achievement and a delightful opportunity, not only educationally, but also personally.

Back home in 2016 I started to work as Sales Intern at White Martins, Praxair Inc. I had the opportunity of working directly with the Sales Manager, getting hands-on opportunities within business negotiations with medium and large companies (B2B), helping to understand its importance for the company to succeed and to get a leg up on the competition.

The following year, in 2017, I started as Engineering Intern at General Motors Brazil. This achievement was a great opportunity of learning in a practical setting, broadening my knowledge and developing my understanding of manufacturing practices in a competitive and very dynamic environment. As a member of the Continuous Improvement team I worked alongside the Launch Team in the implementation project of the new transmission case, supporting the progress of the activities related to the five principles within GMS (General Motors Global Manufacturing System). Finally, by the beginning of 2018, it was offered to me a new position and I joined to the company as Continuous Improvement Subject Matter Expert. Working at General Motors has been promoting a personal critical awareness regarding the importance of meeting customers’ expectations and requirements as well as some understanding of global business strategies.

Whereas that, I believe my personal and educational background alongside with my intern experience and currently activities related to Continuous Improvement process would enable me to make a good contribution as a trainee J&J. The position is a strong match for what I want by providing better understanding of the factors that are necessary for effective operations in today’s global and highly competitive markets.

girl power!

Besides, I hope to develop structured management and strategy skills, which will be central in helping me to provide plausible solutions and to build confidence in commanding team members in case I will be in a leadership or management role in the future.

Additionally, I would like to be one of the many that raise the flag of a woman succeeding in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related field. I even got a role model at General Motors, Mary Barra, the first female chief executive of a major automaker.

It is therefore my prayer that I will be granted with this opportunity and I will be very much obliged to get that chance from you. Thanking you.

Kind Regards,

Juliana Guedes.