6 Reasons Why Prototyping Is Crucial For App Development

Juhi Paul
Juhi Paul
May 10, 2019 · 5 min read

Coming up with new ideas is always exciting.

Especially for the designers, for whom having a new idea means converting it to a new design and ultimately to a new product. This entire journey of a design concept to product launch is typically a journey filled with unforeseen turns and hidden obstacles.

So, What’s The Solution?

The solution lies in building a prototype.

App prototype generally helps your team to know the feedback, issues, user testing, and clients approvals before the app is launched. Developing an app prototype through the best prototyping techniques is the perfect way of app development. This allows one to build an app model which can be tested before the actual app version is developed.

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Gone are the days, when an entrepreneur uses 2D drawings to deliver the best app idea specs. Now, people are following the best prototyping techniques, which is providing them the desired outcome.

It is sad to see startups falling flat on their faces, as they reject the idea of creating a prototype. Without a prototype, they go for an unclear path of developing their app, bearing more expenses, which ultimately leads to a drastic failure.

I have listed out a few reasons why prototyping your idea is crucial when it comes to app development.

Let’s Check Out The Reasons:

1. Your App Prototype Can Help You To Save Time

Developing an app needs a brainstorming session first of all.

Your team may come up with a plethora of ideas.

But how will you know which idea is better and workable?

For this, you need an app prototype.

Here you can implement multiple sets of ideas and see how it looks and how the market is responding to it. You will get the reviews of your clients, stakeholders, developers which will help you get better ideas on what your app actually needs to be.

This even reduces the chances of flaws in your app as you move towards the actual launch process, thus saving your effort and money.

Try staying in the prototyping mode, as it is faster than the real implementation. Create, test and repeat. The more you are adept with your design problem, the faster your implementation process will be.

Fast prototyping techniques can move your ideas from the testing process and customer approvals to production more effectively.

Remember, ideas flow to market quicker.

2. You Are Not Required To Spend A Fortune On Your App Prototype

Prototyping makes the overall process of app development shorter, thus making it a cost-effective one. Also, you need fewer resources when prototyping.

You can initially engage only one individual to work on the prototype and then engage the entire team if required. Also, you can develop multiple prototypes with the help of your entire team.

3. You Can Understand The Problem Of Your App

Most of the entrepreneurs think that they do not require a prototype before the actual development. We cannot be sure in any case, that the app we launch without creating a prototype will be a successful one.

It is better to embrace the idea of prototyping, to remain on the safe side.

4. With Prototype In Your Kitty, You Can Get Quick Feedback

The success of a project mainly depends on the feedback of the clients, stakeholders, and customers. Feedbacks are crucial for the success of the project.

Do not ignore the feedback part, as it is one of the most essential things to do after you create your prototype.

Do something which your customers would want.

Because this is what you need to develop, right?

Until people try it, they will never understand it.

5. Your Prototype Will Help Your Stakeholders To See The End Result

Not all your customers and stakeholders are technical persons. They may not have much idea about wireframing and coding.

For such people, what matters the most is the ultimate appearance of the product. For them, prototyping is just the demo product, which they can understand easily.

Instead of wasting their time in understanding the design of your app, the non-technical people directly want to interact with the app design and navigate the screens.

6. App Prototype Can Help You In Getting Investment

Yes, you heard it right!

Now when you have developed your prototype, there are higher chances for you to get investments.

Of course, the investors will first see how your product works before they put their capital on your project.

Your app prototype will offer them a demo with which they can interact and check if the product will actually solve the user’s problems.

Soon after you have created your prototype, its time for you to develop an MVP (minimum viable product).


Do not get confused between a prototype and a Minimum Viable Product.

So What Is The Difference Between A Prototype And An MVP?

Let’s consider the prototypes first.

These are great for getting hold of the stakeholders and investors.

Basically, the prototypes are a rough idea of what your app is going to be like.

After the prototype has been created, it’s now the right time to jump into MVP.

Here’s where you need the designers for creating an MVP with elaborate features that you’d like to test out by making it available for a select few customers.

Through the MVP, people can gain early insight into your product.

Well, it may appear strikingly similar to a prototype, but in reality, they are different.

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Let’s dig deeper!!

MVP can only be created after you have tested your app prototype and got the proof of concept.

A prototype can thus be considered as a foundation of something that will become a minimum viable product later.

So, Are You Ready To Build Your Prototype?

If yes, then connect with the best developers who can help you to build your dream app. Building an app requires a lot of hard work and dedication, so you have to ensure that you choose the best app development services — be it freelancers or a development company

Innofied has been a pioneer in creating not just an app but does everything from ideation tro implementation. We understand how important prototypes are for the clients and we make sure they get the best of designs for their idea. Connect with us today for some pro tips on app development and validate your app idea..

To get a better idea about what we do, you can go through our success stories here.

Happy building!

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