or you and the other voice(s)


Straighten your back. Do yourself a favor.

Quit slouching so much.

Am I still powerless, without the music? It feels that way.

But my Friend thinks otherwise. Said he saw me working. Said I’ve been doing well. I’ve been good.

I tell him, not as well as I’d like to.

He said it’s just like me, to say something like that. Keep that voice under control, my Friend said. It’s supposed to be on your side.

I have stumbled on speed bumps meant for rats, and I have conquered mountaintops. Both of these, true.

Have you ever felt powerful? No. Only eager.

What guides you? Surely, not anger. Not anymore.

I want to know more than this. This desire, this longing, is what guides me.

To find my place in this world, I must walk it first.

What will you do, if the trying overwhelms you?

I will decide whether to push back, or to step aside, when the choice demands to be made. Either way, my feet will have something to stand on.

For now, let me walk. To touch the ground with my feet. To spin with the earth. To reconcile the world within me, with the elements.

I still smile, without the music. We’re doing just fine.

I will continue to chase the horizon.