We Are Whirlpools

or perhaps more complicated

“People are puzzle pieces that don’t fit together, nonetheless inclined to try forever.”

I believe that line came up over the lunch I wasn’t having. It was a fairly uneventful day at the office. It was a work day.

I thought, that could be a line in a song. Not sure where to put it yet but that could work. Immediately I tried to come up with a melody and a riff in my head but I couldn’t pick one I liked so I let it marinate. I said it over, and over again in my head trying to get the motor running.

In my mind’s eye, I saw a rough outline of the Vitruvian Man, and a Vitruvian Woman. I could see their surface of skin and appendages, but I could also see the circuitry underneath. First, flesh and bone with electricity running through them. The second level belowdecks were blue lines of flowing energy like tadpoles moving about. This, to me, represented the vast complexity of a human person.

The mingling of potential, circumstance, and reflex.

Conflict is the direct product of our nature. We can’t help but to participate in it in one form or another. Left foot.

Harmony is what we strive for. It’s our intrinsic desire to resolve conflict, both within ourselves and around us. Right foot.

We are destined to fail, but doomed to try. We are only truly successful if we keep walking.

Our function, is action.