#TalkTraffic: Human Rights Day and Ending Trafficking in Persons

Today, December 10th, is Human Rights Day. It’s a day to reflect on the rights we all have, just by virtue of our human dignity, and on the many ways we can work to protect and enhance rights and safety for everyone. This year, there’s a special focus on the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. That means thinking more deeply about ways to support economic empowerment to ensure people have the opportunity and autonomy they need in order to thrive.

As a human rights lawyer, I work on a lot of issues, but a major area I focus on is human trafficking. Because the media is regularly reporting so many horrific stories, people are always asking me how they can better understand the dynamics of trafficking, and how they can help. So we at the NY Anti-Trafficking Network worked with the filmmakers at Agape Visuals to create our #TalkTraffic video series, in order to share information and resources people can use to better their understanding and get involved.

Watching the series — eight short videos — is an approachable and meaningful way to honor Human Rights Day and to learn more about ending trafficking and supporting survivors. Check them out, share, and connect with us @NYATN and NY Anti-Trafficking Network!

Video 1: How We Work to End Trafficking and Support Survivors

Learn more about how we approach anti-trafficking work and why.

Video 2: What is Trafficking?

Learn more about the dynamics of trafficking and what causes it.

Video 3: Human Rights Approach

Learn more about why human rights are so important in anti-trafficking work.

Video 4: Survivors Sharing Their Voices

Learn more about why and how we need to respect survivors’ voices.

Video 5: The Approach to Social Services for Trafficking Survivors

Learn more about best practices for providing social services to survivors of trafficking.

Video 6: The Importance of Legal Services for Survivors of Trafficking

Learn more about how lawyers can help survivors of trafficking.

Video 7: Solutions to End Trafficking

Learn more about the solutions to ending trafficking.

Video 8: What You Can Do to Help Survivors and End Trafficking

Learn more about what you can do to help.

Learn more about #TalkTraffic and other projects by NY Anti-Trafficking Network at nyatn.org.

— Juhu Thukral | @juhuthukral