Afraid of more teenagers using marijuana if it’s legalized?
A recent study shows us there isn’t anything to fear.

Sometimes my kids bring up the topic of marijuana. Everytime they do I get uncomfortable. The only thing going through my mind is fear. Fear that pushing for full legalization will turn kids into stoners.

Marijuana has varying effects on undeveloped brains. For some kids the effects are not as harmful. For other’s the brain scans are fair warning: pot should NOT be used by kids.

Contrast the results of marijuana on undeveloped brains with the weed smoking adult. Adult use…

Before answering, let’s breakdown the key differences between Recreational Cannabis and its far superior sister, Medicinal Marijuana. Only joking!

This is a brief, impartial look into the cultivation, classification and characteristics of both — the Three C’s.


One of the major differences between these two contenders are the environmental conditions the plant is raised, treated, grown, stored and distributed.

Recreational marijuana, at the highest levels of cultivation, is some of the best marijunana produced, with many strains being perfected over years by some of the best in the business. …

Natural disasters are sweeping through the western United States. Now U.S. cannabis farmers in robust cannabis states face crop devastation.

Colorado’s Early Cold Weather

An early cold front swept into Colorado this year. The rapid temperature decrease experienced by Colorado cultivators came with an early snowfall.

The change in temperature came one day after the U.S. Labor Day holiday on September 7th. Weather forecasters predicted the weather to change overnight. The Labor Day’s high of 92 degrees Fahrenheit rapidly changed during the night due to a cold weather front.

The weather conditions resulted in a temperature drop of 21 degrees Centigrade (70 degrees Fahrenheit)…

My grandmother was a sweet old woman. Never hurt a fly. Because all these years, behind my mother’s back, my grandmother smoked weed.

I didn’t find out my Grandmother and I shared the same pastime until I went to Jamaica for a visit. She told me to take a taxi to her house because she wasn’t able to drive. I found one parked outside the airport, jumped in and went to Grandma’s house.

Upon arrival I paid the cab driver, got my bags and walked up the sidewalk to the yellow house. I knocked on the door and waited for…

Do you know someone who has relied on marijuana to help them overcome an opiate addiction?

Recently, a friend told me about his experience with a decade of methadone treatment. And how cannabis helped relieve the pain of opioid withdrawal.

In his wilder days, my friend found himself experimenting. He got into highly addictive substances like heroin. Over time it grew into an expensive habit. But, few people suspected. He worked and presented himself as a professional. But, as people who do drugs know when the party’s over it’s over.

It was over for my friend when the police discovered…

The alcohol industry has thrived for as long as many of us remember. Holidays, dinner, nights out on the town all went with alcohol.

Now the legalization of cannabis is forcing the alcohol industry to change.

Less Alcohol More Marijuana

Party goers are getting tired of the hangovers that come with a night of alcohol. Their friends who use cannabis instead of drinking alcohol have no hangover trouble. This quality among others makes cannabis a more attractive option than drinking.

A large share of the alcohol market will go to cannabis as more party-goers chose the option of no hangover.

At least that’s what…

I’ve decided to make my own cannabutter. I’m into using edible forms of cannabis to replace the fragrant use of a 6 inch bong. Besides, eating cannabutter keeps my secret safe.

About a half ounce of premium marijuana went into the first batch of cannabutter. One huge bud and a few smaller ones made up the bag.

Using a grinder, I turned the big bud into tiny bits. The grinder separated the kief from the larger parts. To make sure I’d get the full bags worth of cannabinoids I mixed the kief into the batch. …

The documentary told the story of the people living and farming in the midwestern U.S. states in the 1930s. These people were plagued by dust storms, giant tornado-like storms of swirling dust.

Two weeks ago, I got the chance to see a documentary about “The Dust Bowl” in America.

For years dust storms caused death and destruction on a mass scale to human, livestock, and crops. There was so much dust children grew up inside. Even inside people were not safe from the dust. Dust blew into the house. …

Honestly, I’m a bit guilty.
I’ve been consuming edibles and having a wonderful time. I haven’t worried about a thing. I’ve laughed every single day and been grateful life is as wonderful as it is.

Pot has been wonderful to me and my body. I’m less stressed, more calm, and a deep appreciation for life. But, just the other day I got the evil eye and a lecture about the immorality of recreational marijuana use. Something inside of me wanted to make the self-righteous people see the real picture.

But since the latter will likely never happen I’ll eat edibles…

If you’ve smoked marijuana you recognize the smell of it anywhere. That smell was everywhere the night I took my son to downtown Atlanta.

My son and I travel often for his basketball tournaments. This particular weekend we decided to enjoy a bit of the city. So we rented a hotel room smack in the middle of downtown Atlanta.

We arrived at the hotel after dark and decided to go for a walk. The hotel was blocks from Olympic Centennial Park. The park sits nestled in the middle of sky-rise office buildings.

The gates to the park were locked, so…

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