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Football Betting is quite an exciting and very profitable investment if you can avoid some common mistakes in football betting. The only problem is that people don’t take it serious enough and leave it to chances. It should be a well-calculated investment, just like investing in the stock market. You wouldn’t simply buy the stocks of a company just because you feel like it?
You will first need to study the company and/or employ the services of a professional well versed in the business to let you know which stock to buy to buy. This professional will also let you know which mistakes to avoid and why you have been losing money. Today, we will give you the top six common mistakes in football betting and why you have been losing money to bookmakers.

1. Having too much Blind Trust in “Experts”

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While we encourage getting professional guidance as a bettor/punter, we will also encourage you not to do so without also carrying out your own research. There are a lot of “betting experts” on the Internet when it comes to football betting. All will claim to be the best, but most are not. We encourage you to research their track record and see if they are as good as they claim to be. Some of these people are worth listening to, but some are not. Most punters tend to rely heavily on the opinions offered by the experts when placing their bets. They allow the experts to influence their betting decision. Do understand that for every sporting event, not every expert will predict the same outcome. With enough diligence and discipline, you too can become an expert at sports betting.


The above heading was put in all caps for a certain reason. This is because it is usually the most important

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aspect of the game. It boils down to the discipline we mentioned earlier in this article.

If you think real betting is all about luck, then you will keep losing more than you will be making. Real professional betting is all about research, discipline & patience. Don’t be fooled when bookies advertise someone that won millions to you. That’s just one person out of millions that lost that period. Impatience is one of the common mistakes in football betting that even seasoned football betting experts sometimes forget.

3. Not Taking Starting Line-ups into Account

One of the common mistakes in football betting has to be when punters overlook the starting lineups of the teams involved in the match. A lot of amateur punters place multiple bets that will run for several weeks, hoping to rake in big. We have already told you why multiple bets are not advisable, but there is another reason for you to stay away from it. Those that run the above type of bets, usually do not consider the starting lineups of the contesting teams. The nonavailability of a key player can drastically change the outcome of a match. Lineups are usually released an hour before a match. Using such data can vastly improve your betting experience and earnings.

4. Looking for the big money to come instantly

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A lot of bettors believe that they can hit that big win by accumulating multiple bets and playing it with a very small amount of money. Most bookmakers know this and are only happy to take your money. They are usually seen encouraging bettors/punters to bet on multiple selection bets, which can turn small stakes into large sums. The chances of such happening are very slim. Only very few people actually get to make it this way Professional bettors rarely bet in multiple selections.

The longer your betting slip, the more likely that the bookmaker and not you will be laughing to the bank. Most professionals focus on the small but accurate odds (usually between two to five odds). When they win, they withdraw their capital (the actual amount they placed the bet with) and place the same type of bet with their profit. This way, they get to build a bigger bank, slowly but steadily.

5. Placing bets based on emotions

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Betting is a very practical and logical source of income. It requires skill and discipline. Allowing your emotions to influence your decisions will only lead to doom for you. Yes, we know that you are a life-long fan of Yeovil Town F.C, but that doesn’t mean you should bet on them to win Manchester United when all the stats and data clearly doesn’t indicate that. You need to decide to either be a supporter or a smart Punter/investor.

A punter must accept the fact that a bet can result in a gain or loss. Emotions are not good for gambling. You should see yourself as that CEO that has to fire that close friend that is a highly under-performing staff because if you don’t, you stand to lose your investments. Professional punters are known to control their emotions. This boosts their confidence in placing high-stake bets. Emotions also prevent punters from advanced betting strategies like arbitrages, laying and hedging.

6. Not having a Bank

Most punters think short term, hence, they are not interested in actually watching their money steadily. They lack the financial literacy to actually calculate their earnings. Seasoned betting experts understand the need for a bank. By bank, we don’t mean a financial institution that gobbles up your money and charges you before it can give you your own money. By bank, we simply mean putting aside a specific amount of money for a given period (A few weeks to a few months) to bet with. Increase or decrease to this amount will signify profits or losses for you and will dictate if you should continue with a certain betting approach or not. A spreadsheet will also be required to tabulate your profits and losses and also to note down the actions that led to such occurrences.

Put all the above into practice and watch as you start earning more and losing less in your football betting.

Are there some other common mistakes people make in football betting that you think we might have missed out on? Kindly let us know in the comment section for others to learn as well

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