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Dog owners are constantly catching their best friends in amusing, interesting moments, and sharing the images. Now they can get rewarded!

There is an abundance of online galleries of interesting, amusing user generated content, from forums to designated apps. After all, every single social media site is an exhibition of users’ photos, words or videos. And because of this all those platforms we use every day has become multi-billion businesses. They are literally getting richer and richer because of our uploads, our jokes, our likes, and our shares. However majority of the users don’t get any commission for their activity.

Juiice on the other hand is on a mission to reward anyone for his or her involvement, including uploading an image, writing a creative thought or distributing a video clip. We are going to share a major part of advertisement revenue amongst our active community, so everyone will be motivated to contribute and spread quality content. Our algorithm will calculate value of each post based on views, shares and upvotes, and distribute Juiice tokens (JUI) accordingly. Users will be able to sell these ERC-20 tokens on the crypto exchange or spend them on the platform. …



Using Juiice Is Fun And Rewarding

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