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Those Closest to You

There are two things those closest to you need to provide so that you are able to explore yourself, grow, and live a fulfilling life: forgiveness and respect.

1. Forgiveness

People who are afraid of making mistakes are unable to take the steps necessary for change or improvement. When every move can leave a permanent scar or burn a bridge, it’s difficult to imagine that change is the answer to anything.

When you know that your closest friends, family, and your own self will forgive you, you are free to explore. To build and reinvent. Mistakes aren’t a cliff to avoid, they become steps of learning. Sometimes you’ll find that you’ve taken a step down. That’s ok! You can always step back and look for another way or take another step to see where it will lead you.

You aren’t afraid of failure anymore.

2. Respect

If you don’t respect yourself, you will always be pandering to others. If your partner doesn’t respect you, they will suck all the energy and time out of your life. If your family doesn’t respect you, they will always be pushing you to do things you don’t want to (start a family, get a real job, etc.).

Some people thrive on fighting this pressure. To prove them wrong.

For most of us, it is a debilitating force and needs to be minimized.

Imagine having an idea and having the full support of your family, friends, and partner (emotional, financial, or otherwise).

Of course, a lack of neither of these is an excuse for doing less than your best. But be aware of what those around you provide and work it to your advantage.

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