Let’s talk Nudism — The Mind of JuJu

The naked body. Or better yet: the naked “female body”*. How terrifying~!

Actually no.

This topic amuses and angers me. And I don’t even mean the topic of being topless as someone with boobs versus someone without them. Just the topic of nudism and the naked body and how it is seen by society.

Newsflash: Everyone has a body! And guess what: It’s naturally naked. Just because we adorn it with clothing and accessories doesn’t mean that is how it is. Beyond the fact that it keeps us warm and helps us survive, clothing is a cultural norm. It is acceptable to show so much skin in public. Any more and you can risk offending others. Or tempting them. Here’s the thing: Those who do not see nudism as something normal and natural usually fall into two categories**: The fearful. And the objectifiers.

The fearful take note of potential hazards and dangers of showing the body, and exaggerate it hundredfold. They might not feel comfortable with the naked body and might even be a bit disgusted by it. But most of the time, they relate nude with danger. Why? All thanks to objectifiers.

The objectifiers: Those who take the naked body and simply objectify it, most times sexually. They exotify the body, specifically the “female” body. Boobs and butts and vulvas and necks and… It’s but a toy for their pleasure. Exposing any degree of skin is, in their eyes, an invitation. Sexual objectification has taken something so natural and normal, like the naked body, and created a sexy hunk of meat with no opinion or emotion and only one purpose: sexual pleasure for the other person. Which leads to the ever-growing rape culture.

Utter nonsense, am I right?

The reason why the fearful fear the naked body is due to the sexual objectification. They are afraid the person who is exposing their body (in a non-sexual way) will be assaulted, will be objectified, will be hurt… All because others can’t see past the illusion of body equals sex toy.

Nudism to me is a beautiful concept. Embracing the naked human body is empowering and comforting. Rather than fearing and negatively reacting to nudism, let’s move our focus onto dismantling sexual objectification and ending rape culture. The naked body is not the offender. Don’t attack it, please.

-JuJu, #mindofjuju

*Not relating to gender, but rather sex. I’m referring to the bodies with boobs and /or vulvas.

**My subjective observation, feel free to think otherwise.