The Full-Time Job Is Dead
Kevin Maney

I wish someone would let everyone in my life know this fact because they look down on me because I enjoy making money by participating in survey sites, paid offers, microtasking, freelance work ( data entry, transcription, web and graphic design ) as well as selling items and services online. I started self teaching myself software engineering and coding about three years ago plus I already had proficient familiarity with multiple OS platforms. My family and friends say that I just waste my time learning all these tech skills and won’t be able to survive and I laugh at them because not only will I have diverse skills that are in demand by plenty of companies. But freelance work is widely accessible, and if your portfolio is set up well and you have work and user experience backing you up and reviews of your work you also won’t need that fancy tech degree you paid 1000s of dollars for because at the end of the day you can get free certifications from sites offering all kinds of different Tech/Development courses and what will matter is the proof of the quality and usability of your work.

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