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Having one big monorepo is an obvious choice for some organizations. But unless you are a FAANG company, you might find it hard to support it in a way that scales. It is well known that those companies invest heavily in the developer experience and engineering productivity, which naturally comes at a considerable cost.

One interesting thing I have observed over time is that open-source solutions tend to struggle with bigger code bases. That’s when custom tooling comes into play — or not necessarily. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

To give you a clearer picture, cloc says we…

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A year and a half ago, I took the opportunity to build the Frontend Platform team that I’m still leading today. While I did this for many reasons, one of them was particularly striking: To empower product teams to make high-impact changes, enable and support innovation, and share our learning across the frontend community.

I could talk for hours about exactly how we’ve executed on this and what the situation looked like when we decided to establish the team. …

How to enforce a specific Yarn version across your whole project

At productboard, we rely heavily on Yarn — a fast, reliable, and secure package manager. For those of you who know the ecosystem, it will be pretty obvious how yarn.lock has helped us improve confidence in our projects’ dependencies. For the rest of you, here’s a clue from the official documentation:

Your yarn.lock file ensures that your package is consistent across installations by storing the versions of which dependencies are installed with your package.

In other words, this means you can be sure that you are working with the same dependencies (and their dependencies) as your colleagues. …

Probably, a lot of you already heard about Z-shell. It’s particularly popular because of an awesome package Oh My Zsh. Within relatively easy installation you get fully fledged shell ready to work with a bunch of plugins already pre-installed and rest of it easily configurable. At least they say that.

I’ve used Zsh for many years yet I’ve recently tried another approach. During my latest hardware upgrade, I’ve tried to experiment and I’ve installed Fish shell. …

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Yes, I’ve used those words immediately in the header. I hope you are still with me, because, I promise, this will be fun. You know what I’m talking about. You send PR into your favorite (or even your own; or ideally both at the same time) project. And after a few seconds, you can see a beautiful report of what have you done wrong.

Helicopter Cockpit —

I’d like to tell you a story which happened a few days ago. It was a lovely evening and I don’t know why exactly but somehow I’ve accidentally created a folder named “~”. That folder was very sad to have the same name as a shortcut to my home directory so I immediately decided to end its miserable existence and delete it.

I’ve gently placed my fingers on my keyboard and with all self-confidence and assurance that I’m the biggest terminal witcher in my neighborhood I run those commands: rm -fr ~

Just one long second after I started…

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Trying to solve engineering problems by talking. During night usually debugging TypeScript.

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