We are constantly looking for validation. In my everyday existence, whether I realize it or not, it is in the back of my mind: why am I here, what am I doing. Who am I? I look for social queues outside of myself to see how others are living to find vindication that yes, what I’m doing is “normal” or okay. I look for work that is meaningful to me so that i can get enjoyment and satisfaction from those waking hours. Or i participate in activities in after work hours that top me up with a sense of achievement or a feeling of having made some sort of progress. Maybe I thrive on these experiences, maybe they challenge me in ways that make my emotional being feel as though it is evolving or gaining something.

Am I obsessed with feeling the validation? Does a tree feel the need for validation? Or the ocean, or a squirrel? Does an ant wonder how well it is doing compared to all the other ants? I can’t say because I am none of those things but if they do they sure don’t show it.

Why is being just not enough for us? Under the facade and illusion of all our unspoken expectations and pressures we put on ourselves there is something truer. The smoke and mirror ideas of our past, present, and perceived future tinge the outlook on our everyday. We can’t see past the fact that all of our perceptions and ideas have been gradually instilled in us since our birth day. Every little experience and moment up until this point has shaped the reality that we torture ourselves with in today. Since there are no two people with the exact same experience, then there are no two identical realities, then ultimately there is no true one reality. And if there is no true one reality then why do we insist on revolving all validations, emotions, and energy into our “realities?” What difference does it really make if our realities are all subjective anyhow. Why can’t we see past our realities and into the truth that there is no such thing. We are all just here being and there is value in that itself.

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