Is Fiction of the Future the next big rock band?

In a time when our newsfeeds are inundated with chaos and turmoil, it’s about time we all started looking toward the future. And, if Fiction of the Future has anything to do with it, they will be the voice leading the way.

This five-piece New York City band is bringing back the heyday of classic rock. We’re talking guitar driven, back-breaking bass, with vocals that could be the second coming of a harder, heavier, 70’s Neil Young, and not one, but two percussionists.

Fiction of the Future reminds us of the days when Led Zeppelin, Queen, and the Rolling Stone’s would take their audience on a rowdy journey. Elliott Byrne on Bass says, “I want people to feel inspired” when they leave a show. From personal experience, I can say that they do this with each and every person watching them perform.

Speaking of performance. If you’ve listened to them on Spotify, you’re only halfway there. The live shows are when they truly come alive. At their most recent, on March 9th at Pianos in NYC, Fiction of the Future were on fire. As soon as the lead singer strummed his upside down telecaster, you knew you were in for something special.

Their newest member, Alexandra Leavy said that, “it does feel like a boys club! They’ve been so good to me, though.” and considers herself, “One of the guys.”

And to be honest, at first, the singer’s newly shaven face scared me, but after thinking about it over night, I have grown to accept it.

At the end of the show, it felt like Burton (singer), Elliott (bass), Blake (drums), Alexandra (back-up vocals), and Alex (percussion), were friends, then again, meeting up after the show may have just made that a reality. Thanks for an epic night Fiction of the Future, we’ll see you around soon!

If you didn’t get out to the show, or catch our Facebook Live, here’s how they closed the night (I apologize in advance for my singing along…).

Jason Donnelly

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