Jukely Jams: Week of 2/24

Rockin’ global music our Content Manager is into…

Welcome to the first Jukely Jams post in a series we’re going to push out once a week. As an intro, I have the privilege of looking through and listening to all the bands hitting our Jukely members from 16 cities worldwide. Hell, I write the blurbs for most of them! Starting this week, I tallied up the ones who really resonated with me to share with you. I’m sure you’ve heard of a bunch of them, but I hope to introduce you to a few you can fall for as hard as I have.


We Came as Romans - These guys float the line between hardcore and screamo without breaking a sweat. Over the years the band has evolved from what could be described as synthcore to who they are today, and honestly, I love where they’re headed. Their newest album has a perfect mix of music for moshing and music you’ll want to lift your lighter into the air for. Look out for their new album in 2017.

Video by Debbie Weindler-Mahnke

Will Champlin - You may recognize this LA artist from the 2013 finale of The Voice, but don’t hold it against him. Champlin’s got a set of pipes on him that do cover songs well, but his originals are where it’s at. His song Surgical Rewind (left), off the 2014 release Borrowing Trouble, is incredible. You can immediately hear the influence of Timberlake and Adam Levine, but with a darker edge. Other songs on the album run the gamut of musical styles and feelings, but his writing holds it all up across the board.


Bayside - I first heard the song Sick, Sick, Sick and connected with the vocals, lyrics, and overall moody feel. It makes me relive my college days and I wanna be in the crowd screaming back lyrics at them. Their newest release, 2016’s Vacancy, shows that the band has taken a turn toward something I’d call theatrical pop. It’s got a little less edge in the guitars, but still brings the heat.

Moose Blood - This London-based band is channeling all my favorite emo music from the past and putting their own original spin on it. Their 2016 release, Blush, definitely has the influences of bands like Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, but don’t let that hold you back. If you’ve ever fallen in love and gone through heartache, this album is going to hit you right in the feels (and probably transport you back a few years).

Warbly Jets - Rounding out the pack, the Warbly Jets hail from Los Angeles (although listening to them, many people feel a London vibe). A lot of their influence comes from Brit Pop but you’ll definitely hear 90’s grunge and an electronic component that brings a whole new sound. As a warning, after you listen, and want to more, you’ll have to catch them on tour as they’ve only released the one single to the public. Right now, they’re shooting for a Spring 2017 release of their first EP. In the meantime, put “Alive” on repeat.

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