Every Friday the closest train is 30 minutes and it happens to be in zone 4.

The crazy thing is is that I actually use the method of time management the Dr.Ferrar mentioned in class. I set up a weekly calendar with all of my classes, studying, work, sleep, organization meetings, and other priorities and block out time visually. It really helps to get myself pumped for the week coming up and how I should mentally prep myself for the onslaught of work ahead. I manage to really enjoy the little victories like finishing something early or getting a nap/watching YouTube on my commute to and from Temple. I feel like burnouts are inevitable; no one can maintain the hectic schedule of a working engineering student perpetually.

I’m afraid I don’t have good advice for the SEPTA situation. If I were in your position, I’d carpool with other commuters in the area who are going to the same stop as you on Fridays.

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