Update: Before WE17

This is probably overkill, but I’ve been looking forward to this for months.

I am incredibly excited and nervous for the upcoming week, specifically from Wednesday the 25th to Sunday the 29th. I’ll be attending the Society of Women Engineers’ National Conference, WE17! The location of the conference changes each year, and this year it happens to be held in Austin, TX.

I had been regretting not attending WE16 (which was held in Philly!), citing to myself all of the “valid reasons” why I didn’t go: ‘Oh, I’m just a freshman’, ‘It’s a lot of money for just a few days at a career fair’, ‘I’ll get a chance to go next year’, etc. I wished that I would have embraced my risk-taking side that once, but since I cannot change the past, I decided to attend this year instead.

This short excursion would be many ‘firsts’ for me:

  • First time traveling by myself out of state
  • First national conference and large-scale event with SWE
  • First time staying in an AirBNB (I’m actually really excited for this one since there’s a trampoline in the backyard)
  • First time visiting Texas

This list is incomplete, and I’m very much looking forward to see what the next week will bring to me. Although I’m as excited as every attendee regarding the job fair (300+ exhibitors registered!), I’m curious to attend the various workshops and talks that will be hosted during the conference, ranging from career management and professionalism to inclusion and cultural awareness.

Look out for next week’s blog — ‘Update: During WE17’

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