Journal Entry 5

Journal Entry 5

Thursday, February 11th 09:40–11:00

The chorus of IA . First choual 164–301 . Chorus leader: 49–470 , 505 -506. 2cnd choral ode: 544–607.. 3rd Choral Ode: 751–881. Chorus Leader : 918 -919, 41th Choralode : 1036–1096 ..Chorus leader 1253–1254 . Chorus , Kommos 1500–1530. Weekly hangouts metalizing vs. dehumanization ( nocholas epley ) Agency , Experience. Metallization is being able to wrap you ahead around a concept or culture and understand this. More experience you have with metalizing other people the more you will be able to understand culture and humans. Noos (the mind )of other people Odysseus is good and understanding the mind of other people. Dehumanization when we come to regard other humans as robots or animals, which involves agency or experience. Agency is the ability to set goals and accomplish them. When you assume people do not have agency you are dehumanizing them. Experience believing that other individuals experience emotions in a simple way or a complex way. Or if people experience emotions they way you would personally experience it. Dehumanization is how good someone is at understanding another person. In a position of power you are more likely to dehumanize or de individualizing when you treat people as group than individual. The chorus was originally played of 15 individuals’ ephebes young men on the cusp of adult hood. In a production of Greek tragedy the Chorus was the thing. In ancient world it was performed in the middle of the day in a crowd of 10–15thousand people. The theater was designed to have brilliant acoustics and they would have worn masks. The chorus is responsible for keeping the drama alive. Female chorus maximizes the feminine perspective, which are young women like Iphigenia. It applied nurturing and sympathy and wisdom. Women are seen as not having self-restraint. Chorus is from Calchas, which makes them strangers to the Greeks. Chorus is seen as the conscience of the audience. Arête- excellence, striving or virtue . Achilles dying young practices his Arête and his virtue. Achilles becomes to be known as the best of the Greeks he always had his head in the game. The chorus perspective is only one outcome of the play and that’s responding to the war. There are two kinds of love the kind that can bond you in life or the kind that could mess you up. Chorus is speaking to moral virtue restraint and modesty. Chorus has the last word in the play they engage in a lamentation or a celebration and glorification of Iphigeneia. At the conclusion of the play what matters the most is Iphigenia being willing to go and she will play a crucial role in avenging Greece

Sunday February 14 2016

6:50 pm — 9:05 pm in my room reading of Euripides Rhesus

Charter list Chorus of Trojan guards, Hector a Trojan Prince, Aeneas a Trojan Chieftain, Dolon a Trojan soldier, Shepherd, Rhesus King of the Thracians , Odysseus a Greek Chieftain, Diomedes a Greek Chieftain , Athena , Alexander(Paris) brother of Hector , Charioteer of Rhesus , The Muse mother of Rhesus. Find out what a Chieftain is and if Alexander and Paris are the same person. In lines 5 to 55 the Chorus leader goes to warn hector of the Argive army assembling in the night with lit fires. 55- 100 Hector believes that the Argive’s are fleeing and he wants to arm his men to slaughter them in the night for he believes they took away his glory . Aeneas arrives at the scene of the conversation between the chorus leader and Hector to find out what’s going on. 100- 220 Hector exclaims he wants to attack the Greeks Aeneas instructs him that he is a better fighter than he is planner he instructs hector to send someone to scout what the ships are doing just incase it’s a trap. Chorus leader tells Dolon may Hermes son of Maia bring him back The chorus leader agrees with Aeneas which changes Hectors mind and he asks for a volunteer to go scout the ships. The person who volunteers is Dolon he exclaims the gift he wants are Achilles horses and he exclaims he will kill Odysseus and bring his head. Line 225- 250 the chorus prayed to lord of Thymbraeum , and lord of delos Apollo to guide and protect Dolon. Line 225 Antistrophe B exclaims they hope Dolon kills Menelaus or Agamemnon so Helen can lament for Agamemnon led the thousands ships to troy . line 265–305 A shepherd went to approach Hector and at first he would not listen for he felt like he was too mighty to listen to the worries of s shepherd, but the sphered informed him that Thrace( Rhesus ) , who father is called Strymon came to fight with the Trojans with the Thracian army . Peleus son is Achilles. Line 310–350 Hector argues that He has the help of Zeus on his side and does not need the Help of Rhesus because he wasn’t there in the beginning. He also says to the chorus leader that Rhesus can stay but as a stranger not as a warrior and he exclaims to the Shepard to let Rhesus join them as an ally. The chorus speaks to Adreasteia to keep bad luck away from his/her and that its been a while since her mother the muse and the grand-bridged river god sent her to help them. Line 360–375 I’m not sure who the strophe and antistrophe is referring too if it’s Adreasteia or rhesus. Line 385 to 410 Rhesus is the son of Melodious mother one of the nine and father Strymon . Rhesus enters and tells Hector he is here to help and Hector tells him that because of him not participating he could have almost handed them over to the Greeks and he has no diplomacy. Line 415- 475 Rhesus exclaims he didn’t come to fight earlier because of a neighbor land was attacked Scythian and then he was attacked. He exclaimed he is vexed and he wants to fight with Hector and all he needs is one day and Hectors army would not have to fight. Line 475–520 Rhesus exclaims the Hector he wants to fight the Greeks alone and Hector tells him he can pick a side he wants to fight. Then Rhesus says if Hector wants a hand in the fight that Hector should put him against one person and he asks for Achilles. Hector exclaims to him he cant because he’s angry and wont fight and the next best people to fight are Ajax , Tydeus son Diomedes , and Odysseus who stole Athena’s image from her shrine behind the Trojan walls. Rhesus then exclaims Odysseus should be attacked direct on since he is so crafty. 525–560 the watch word is Phoebus Coroebus was the first watch, the Paeonian force, Cilicians , Mysians then Lycians . The chorus fears Dolon is dead and then Odysseus and Diomedes enters the camp with Dolon’ armor. Line 570 what is a bivouac?. Line 565–600 Odysseus and Diomedes look to find Hector and Paris to kill them but they are not where they were instructed he would be . They decide to leave the camp till the morning because they can’t kill everyone. Athena asks them where there going because Rhesus is there and although the Gods wont allow them to kill Hector or Paris they have to kill him for if they don’t they wont survive nor Ajax or Achilles will be able to save them. Line 605–650 Athena instructs Odysseus and Diomedes to go Kill Rhesus and take his horses they decide that Diomedes would do the killing and Odysseus would care for the horses. Alexander has word of enemies on the camp and goes to look for hector Odysseus and Diomedes ask if they can Kill him and Athena tells not to step over what is promised and to handle Rhesus and she disguised her self as their ally Aphrodite to talk to alexander when he went to look for Hector. Line 655–685 Athena tells Alexander there is nothing wrong with the camp and he tells her he will always trust her word. Athena then warns Odysseus and Diomedes that the enemy is aware of their doing and to run. Chorus Leader finds them and Odysseus claims he is a friend who did not try to harm Rhesus. Line 690–720 Odysseus uses the watchword, which Dolon told him, and the Chorus leader let him go. After he left questioned his decision with the chorus membered and figured it was Odysseus who tricked them again and the member exclaimed that they are sentries so Hector would blame them. Lines 725 -765 The Charioteer of Rhesus exclaims distress for the betrayal and unworthy death of rhesus. Line 770 to 825 The charioteer of Rhesus exclaims his account of what happens and thinks that it’s the allies who committed the crime and the Chorus leader exclaims to him it was the Enemy. Hector comes in and makes a Oath that the Chorus will die by axe or by flogging for it was their fault the enemy got in. Line 830–875 the Charioteer of Rhesus insist that Hector was the one that killed Rhesus and Hector tries to exclaim the likely hood of it being Odysseus but he will not listen he believes it was over horse. He offers to put up the Charioteer in his home and take care of him. Line 880–910 the Muse appears holding her son Rhesus and exclaims how he should not have went to troy and she mourns over him cursing Odysseus the grandson of Oeneus , and the son of Laertes. Lines 915–955 the Muses sister sings and mourns Rhesus death and blames. Line 960–985 The Muse exclaims that the daughter of Demeter goddess of the fields will send up Rhesus soul. The prophet of Bacchus made his shrine under Pangaeums Cliff she also claims the sea Goddess son must die and she and he sisters will mourn Achilles on Thetis’ day or sorrow. I need clarification on this passage a lot of names where used and threw me off who is the sea Goddess son and why is there a specific day that Achilles will be mourned?. 985–995 Hector instructs the Chorus to get the army together so they can attack the Achaeans camp.

Monday February 15, 2016

9:50 am in my room begins reading Iliad Book Ten

11::00 am takes break

8:00 pm picks up reading

9:30 pm finishes reading

As I begin reading the Iliad I realize the translation is depicted harder for me to understand than rhesus. Lines 1–30 Agamemnon couldn’t sleep he was worried that The Trojans would attack. His was in lamentation he sought to find Nestor the son of Nelus to work out a plan that would drive evil away from danaans (greeks) ? He woke up and took up a spear . Menelaus was also disturbed and he put on his armor. Line 28–87 Agamemnon tell Menelaus that Zeus favored hectors offering more and he sends he to get Idomeneus and Aias while he gets Nestor shepherd of the people. Agamemnon came upon Nestor in the night. Line 88–117 Nestor says to get the son of Tydeus the spear farmed and Odysseus and Aias the swift footed son of Phyleus the God like one and the lord Idomeneus and then he blames Menelaus for making Agamemnon do all the hard work. Line 118 -147 Agamemnon tells Nestor the Gerenian horseman not to blame Menelaus for he went to send for the people he told him to get . Nestor went to wake Odysseus and he said grief has come upon the Achaians the question of running away or fighting. 148–177 the woke Diomedes and said that nestor being old is never finished working and asked if there were other younger people he could wake up and nestor said yes but he wanted to summon him and asked him to wake Aias . 178- 267 Diomedes asked for someone to Go with him to see what the Trojans were up too and he picked odysseus odysseus put on a cap that had thongs of leather and white teeth tusk shining boar that Autolykos stole from Amyntor the son of Ormenos out of Eleon. 268–297 Diomedes and Odysseus paryed to Atrytone daughter of zeus Athene for help . Diomedes offered a heifer broad browed one year old and said he would drench her horns in gold.298–327Hector offered a chariot and two strong neck horses to whoever would find out of the ships were guarded and if some of the Achaians are planning to leave. Dolon Eumedes son offered to do it. He exclaims he will go straight through the army till he gets to Agamemnon and ask the question of running or fighting. 327- 387 Odysseus and Diomedes found Dolon in the camp and chased him down with a spear. 388–417 Odysseus spoke to Dolon ans asked him if Hector sent him to spy . Dolon told him the gifts he was promised to do so then Odysseus question him about where the gear, horses, trojans, guards , sleepers and other things were. 418–447 Dolon recited the strategies he said next at sea were the Karians , Paionians , Leleges , and Kaukonians and Pelasgians. Diomedes killed him and odysseus offered Dolons cap of martens hide and the wolf pelt and bow and long spear and offered it to Athena. 478–507 Athene breathed strength into Diomedes and he killed the people 12 and Odysseus dealt with the horses. 508- 537 Athena spoke to Diomedes Odysses whipped the horses and they went towards the Achaians. 538–567Nestor askes Odysseus and Diomedes how they won the horses and Odysseus responded he got them from Thrace. 568–579 they dedicated Dolon to Athene they bathed and anointed themselves with olive oil and offered wine to Athene.

8:30 pm begins response to rhesus group hippothontis

8:53 pm submits online response

Tuesday February 16 , 2016

3:50 pm to 5:00 pm in my room Begins re reading Rhesus

line 1–100 The strophe says someone should go to panthoiis son or Europas lord of the lycian men I suppose for help. Hector is extremely upset over the argives lighting their fire .105–155 aeneas convinces hector to scout the greeks before attacking dolon volunteers. 160–185 dolon asks for achillies horses .200–250 dolon got ready to leave. 200- 250 Dolon gets ready to leave the chorus sings a blessing to watch over Dolon on his Journey. Line 360 still a little lost with the strophe and what they were saying. Lines 915–925 also lost here I believe it’s a lamentation of rhesus death.

7:30pm in my room answers Given Questions

8:00 pm finishes questions.

How does the character of Rhesus compare with the character of Achilles in the Iliad and Iphigenia at Aulis?

The character of rhesus compares to Achilles in his willingness to help and sacrifice. In Iphigenia Achilles wanted to approach the people and say he was getting married to Iphigenia and he pushed to marry her so he could save her life. With Rhesus he pushed to use his men to continue the battle and sacrifice his self to do so. Even after his denial he claimed that the would attack the strongest one there and finish the war in one days time. The drive of both of them to want to be a sacrifice to bring an end to the fighting shares between the both of them.

Rhesus is not mentioned in the play until line 276 and is not named until 280. What has the playwright done thus far to prepare you for his entrance onto the stage? With Rhesus being introduced into the play late into the story it set a tone for him. The play write opened up the story with the war and the emotions of what Hector was going through and the rash decisions he was willing to make to end the war. This played on the character for Rhesus for it established how important he is and it also set the tone of what Rhesus would have been capable of if he wasn’t murdered. This also lead to the dramatic ending with Rhesus death , because he seemed so important and like he would have done so much for the Trojans maybe even ending the war.

11:00 am — 1:15 pm

Re-read Iliad book 10 tried to clear up the translation by re-reading it. The overview seemed to be the Greeks side of attacking the Trojans. In this depiction Athena was a major contributor to Odysseus and Diomedes. Dolan weakness is also prominently seen .

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