AnDevCon | Google | Android | Firebase — from Mobiloitte’s Eye

Starting 1stof August in Boston, AnDevCon conference has been a spectacular show of learning for Android developer community. The conference has been a hit for sharing knowledge to developers on Firebase (a cloud service and backend as a service) as well as development tips, tricks, skills, newest tools, best practices, and creativity for developing an Android app.

Day #1

The event started with registrations and refreshing coffees, which was followed with presentation on Firebase, a cloud and backend service, by Google developers themselves to the Android developer community. In a glimpse: Firebase is a service to make app development easier loaded with features like notifications, file storage, analytics, remote configuration, dynamic links, and lot more.

The conference continued on explaining the analytics capabilities and secure authentication in speedy manner on Android apps. Furthermore during the day the community learned about building secure enterprise apps, QA practices and BigQuery.

Day #2

Second big thing during the event to follow was a crowd-sourced Hackathon in Google Learning Zone. The developers were legally authorized to crack down Google APIs, and those who got success got rewarded with hard cash.

Day #3

Not leaving the doubts unanswered AnDevCon also organized a FAQ session on all thing Firebase. The session got fueled with leading Android experts and developer community discussing on the development challenges on Android and the Firebase.

Later during the day the developers community learned to build mobile and web apps with Firebase and Google Cloud Platform using cross-platform approach. Not to miss, sessions on Android Auto, TensorFlow, Material design and the latest Android Nouget were some of the most interesting discussion during the day. And the best part, Firebase also supports development for Android Wear 2.0 wearable gadgets.

Day #4

Will update the highlights soon…

Google wants you to learn, know and love Firebase, and this conference has been a great start for same. We have started working on the research and development on Firebase and will be including it in out Android services portfolio.

Originally published at on August 4, 2016.