Play Store Optimization, Tips and Tricks to improve in-store visibility

With over million of apps stored in the Android app store, getting your application discovered is one of the major tasks/issues faced by mobile app publishers. If you are a mobile app publisher and consumer, it is crucial for you to understand various methods of app marketing. Because in-store app visibility completely depends on digital marketing.

One of the major aspects that you need to consider while publishing mobile application in store is “App Store Optimization

Do you know, How ASO is essential for improving in-store visibility of Android application?

ASO is the most important factor in the process of optimizing the mobile apps visibility that really help in improving app ranks in an app store. It’s a real fact that most of the companies are not investing in the App Store Optimization. By utilizing a perfect ASO strategy, you can get a high volume of organic installs and increase traffic.. If you want to get maximum clicks on your app, then you need to consider the following factors to reach your desired goal.

#1 Title: — The title must be creative and meaningful that should contain keywords which are mostly searched by the people. The title can improve search traffic and ranking in the app-store. As your Android application begins rank higher and get more reviews, then your app visibility could improve.

#2 Keyword: — If you want to improve in-app store visibility, then keyword plays an essential role in generating traffic. You need to do a keyword research and find out keywords which are trending and are most likely used by users. This technique is really helpful to monitor competitor’s application and their activities,by doing this you can implement their successful strategy in yours plan to be the same.

#3 Enhance Rating and Reviews: As we know, Rating and reviews are also important for app visibility on the web and app store as well. It’s a general tendency of users to review the comments and rating on the apps and basing upon that they decide whether to go for it or not. So it’s good if you are having positive reviews, but if it’s negative then keep the practice of replying to these dissatisfied comments with a satisfactory answer as soon as possible.

#4 App Logo: When a potential user scroll and examines different options available for their query, your icon is the first thing they notice. Make sure your icon is, well, iconic. It should give the user a sense about what the app is about. The more attractive the icon appears, it increases the chance of going inside the app by user.

All above factors are essential in improving the in-store app visibility that aims to drive more traffic to your app’s page in the app store which in turn results in increasing the downloads by the users. If you too are interested in ASO and want to place your app in the top of the list then you can speak with Mobiloitte regarding digital marketing services — stay tuned.

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Originally published at on August 1, 2016.