Startup mistakes while building team for App Development

The Smartphone revolution is one of the key contributors to the startup revolution around the globe. Many billion dollar businesses of today owe their success to the mobile applications and a massive customer base readily available through apps. The exponential growth of the mobile apps such as Uber, Airbnb & WhatsApp is the proof of what could be accomplished in few taps. As a start-up, if you have a million dollar idea which you want to materialize through a mobile app then it’s crucial that you hire an iOS or Android developer team which has right set of skills. Avoid these mistakes while building your team for app development.

1. Not scanning the App Portfolio

If you have selected a team without going through the portfolio of the apps they have built then you have shot in the dark. Your selected mobile developers may lack skills and expertise in developing functionally powerful apps. Going through the portfolio of the app developers will help you know their proficiency in developing apps. You should also ask for client reference from the app developers to learn about the experience their previous clients had working with them.

2. Prioritizing Price over Skills

As a start-up, you might be tight budgeted and it is important for you that every buck should be spent judiciously but cutting corners in app development will impact the quality of the app. As a start-up, your brand recognition depends on the success of your mobile app. A low investment in app development will do more harm than good. A considerably lower development cost indicates you have to compromise on the app developer skills.

3. Resistance to Offshoring

If you are adamant on hiring the app developer in your vicinity then you might be endangering your app development project. You should emphasize on the expertise of the app developers rather than giving preference to the location of the developers. By outsourcing your app development project you can hire android developer team at relatively lower cost.

4. Lack of Cross-Platforms Development Skills

If you’re planning to launch your app initially on the iOS platform, there may be a case that you would want to launch your app on the android platform to increase your app’s user base. Working with app developers which are only proficient in developing apps for a single platform will hamper your plans to launch the app cross platform. It’s always wise to hire an app developer team which is well versed with cross-platform development.

5. Downplaying User Experience or User Interface Skills

The user interface as well as user experience design will make or break the app. It’s very important that the app developers are well acquainted with the preferences of the target user base to design the user experience accordingly. If you hire a team which scores low on user interface and user experience design skills then your app will fail to engage users.


The success of your mobile app will depend upon your success in building the right mobile application development team. Not committing the mistakes as mentioned above will help you take a wise decision while hiring a mobile application developer team.

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Originally published at on November 15, 2016.