Men. The Borough Incident: WTF?

It took the Police an impressive 8 minutes to terminate the threat posed at Borough. (They got lucky that the situation didn’t escalate to hostages.)

But eight people didn’t get lucky. They got killed. Why?

On a soul level perhaps, they got killed because they agreed to pass on. I don’t know that. But that’s the kind of thing that happens, isn’t it? What happens in this lifetime is all a choice we made before we were born, so the argument/experience of countless gurus contends.

I don’t know. But what I DO know is that:

It should have taken 8 seconds for every one of us men within 500 yards to recognise that women and children were at risk and terminate the threat en masse, using our own precious pint glasses if necessary. And then go back to what remained of our drinks, picking glass out of our gums and praise out of the air on the lips of ALL THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN WHO SURVIVED AS A RESULT OF OUR ACTION.

As Man, you are Tribe.

Get used to the idea.

You’ve had all your previous lifetimes to feel your way into it.

As a product of Land, we, as Man or Woman, are Tribe. Tribe is the Ego, if you like, of Land — and Land is the Soul of Tribe. That means, as a member of Tribe, we have responsibilities; responsibilities that can actually set us free, rather than pin us down.

I know you get that being a Man of Tribe comes with responsibilities. You can feel them, right? There’s a Call to action inside you, however faintly heard. But often we can’t act on this Call and thereby honour these responsibilities. That’s what’s happened here in the tragic Borough Incident:

We couldn’t, as Men, hear what to do.

But I am convinced that we cannot pretend, as Men, that we are not to blame.


We cannot fulfil our Sacred Duty to protect women and children unless we turn to the battle inside ourselves. Otherwise, we cause casualties; emotional, physical and spiritual.

And let’s face it. When it comes to violence — whether it’s sexual violence or vanilla violence or exotic violence, this is our neck of the woods, eh lads?

La Violencia Bonita. We find it more beautiful than Women do, that’s for sure. We as Men are made for violence. If we can accept that inside ourselves, then we will not be violent outside ourselves — that’s the simple message here. Stop reading now if you want to avoid the nitty-gritty details!

I’d rather not be specific out of respect for the relatives of those who Passed and, of course, those Souls who got through it alive. Honestly, good luck to you all. But I do want to honour the Souls that, in channel to this affair, Passed.

And I, too, am angry.

In this Borough Incident, the shame for us Men is great. We really must not waste the opportunity (given to us by the Souls that passed) to wake up.

I feel the shame of Man in this, and I’m having to learn to welcome it — accept it and Love it as I must — because it shows me how much I love Women. We let them down and I don’t like it. That’s the truth. Deal with it. Love it. And move into the next instant free of it. That’s what I personally am up to in this.

And I’m convinced of one thing so entirely that I will risk your censure to bring it to your attention, Brother:

As a priority we, as Men, have to look at this shame. Let’s together look at what we can do about it — which turns out, it is suggested to you, to be the opposite of what we have been encouraged to do our whole Western lives:

Society encourages us to look outwards. We must look inwards.

Ignore the other Tribes for a moment. Look inside your own Soul instead (which is the Heart of Tribe and, as such, directly influences Tribe).

Here’s the basic principle: defuse what you see as the ticking timebombs inside yourself — the “bad” bits, the anger, the potential for violence, the secrets — by simply accepting that they are part of you and therefore cannot be “bad”. That is Natural Law. Can you trust it? The clue’s in the name. Trust Natural Law and ticking timebombs will be revealed as hardware you can use in pursuit of what your Soul wants to do for you to be fulfilled (whatever that is; I bet it isn’t murder or running away).

Fully accept, for example, that you are a natural born killer - and the result will be that you will not kill. Got it?

In this vein, accept that there is a part of you that LOVES the idea of hurting those who would hurt your Women and Children. Accept that there is a part of you that finds beauty and excitement in violence. Accept it all! Accept the weird porn and the evil thoughts and the constant babble of the Voice that would have done it better. Accept it all! Dig deeper into the detail of your most “evil” fascinations and most shameful secrets. Dig, accept. Dig, accept. Breathe it all in, and breathe it all out with acceptance on a long sigh of “aaaaaah”. This is an efficient (if far-out) way of getting stuff processed through your system sharpish. You are a human being with a Dark side and a Light side. That’s all. Accept this, and you will no longer be part of the problem, but the living solution. Accept this and will be fighting, finally, in the right place for the right thing: the Truth — your Truth, whatever that is.

Male violence needs to be fully accepted, not fully suppressed — or it will have no choice but to “un-suppress” itself in the tragic, fully unacceptable way we have seen. That’s what all the focus on outside stuff like politics and terrorism has been detracting from: the very cause of the problem, which is inside.

In this, therefore, be clear that violence per se is not being promoted. Rather, favoured is the don’t just stand there when the women are getting cut down by three jokers armed with kitchen knives approach.

This aspect is controversial, theoretical if you like, but that is all. It is NOT personal. Read into the rest of it what you will.

Indeed, if a reader follows this argument and comes away with the idea that going on a violent spree is the answer to their inner woes, they’ve got it the wrong way round; the answer to violent sprees, to terrorism, to war, to all external violence, is for all men to have a good, brave look at their internal violence; to accept the violent Self inside themselves such that it then feels safe and doesn’t need to strike out with such spectacular malice in the material world.

Only you can sort yourself out. The World isn’t going to do it for you. And in sorting out ourselves individually, The World will sort itself out. This is the long and the short of it.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


Spiritual Warrior:
One who runs towards the Fight inside themselves (not the Light inside their Selves) and thereby finds the Light inside themselves revealed to their Selves; one who therefore creates Light, and not Fight, outside of their Selves.

The Borough Incident, London 2017:
Not about politics, or race — but about Gender. It was about Men. Failing. It was about Deluded Warriors.

Men let down the Women. This is shameful. This was a direct abnegation of the Sacred Duty of Men to protect Women.

We need, as Men, to honour the Souls of those who died in this Borough Incident by having a look at Men’s involvement here.

We need to ask why Men from another Tribe truly believed that the safety of their women and children depended on the murder of our own? But that’s for another time.


We didn’t handle this one very well, lads. (The Police did, bless ‘em.)

Or shall we just say that it was all very sensibly dealt with?

Martial Artists who teach knife-work say that it totally insane to tackle anybody with a knife. They say: run away, however good you are with knives yourself. Only if YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST stand and fight should you take on anybody with a knife — that’s the professional verdict.

Mmm ….

… But, maybe, in the case of the Borough Incident, it WAS a case of ABSOLUTE MUST — that, as Men, we DID have Sacred Duty to run towards the insanity of the knives.

Not very sensible. Insane? Sure.

FUCK “INSANE”. FUCK “SENSIBLE”. Both ideas are notions of Right and Wrong which make no sense when we are acting from the true authority of the Heart, which for us humans, is Tribe.

Right vs. Wrong is an illusory authority that does not come from the Heart (which is Tribe), but the Head. It is therefore not to master us.

And let’s face it — we didn’t exactly master the Borough Incident, did we?

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Here’s a proposition in a nutshell: if men suppress their violent instinct, they become violent and disrespectful; if they accept their violent instinct as a natural part of being human, they become non-violent and respectful — but retain the ability to be usefully violent in the immediate physical defence of women and children. What do you think?

Well, lads: how about stop fucking about in the street — either being violent yourself or abandoning other men’s women to violence — and start making war on your own willingness to deny what it is you feel inside you. The Street, then, will take care of itself. That’s the way things really work; the world, in all its global mega-politics, simply shows us what we are as individuals. This is about manifestation. Yes, the hippy-sounding-shit. It’s actually real.

And there’s a rule: what we feel as Men and Women erupts into the World fucked-up if we are fucked-up. There’s no point blaming the World for its fucked-upness. And, according to the rule, we are definitely NOT fucked-up if we look at the things inside of us that we are most ashamed of. This is being a real Man, a Man of Tribe.

What you feel inside matters; and everything that you cannot accept as a Man about your feelings manifests in the World as trauma in your behaviour and experience.
By not facing our feelings, we are actually creating all the shit that we feel so frustrated about. Men, get this vicious cycle sorted out.

The very least we can do as Men is, on an understanding of the Borough Incident, base a new resolve in dealing with our native demons (the ones inside of us, not the demon foreigners we see in the media).

So, how’s the following for a Man-based interpretation of the Borough Incident itself?

Men without power (the Deluded Warriors behind the attack) kill civilian women of “another” Tribe, whilst other men without power (the Deluded Warriors under attack) run away from the danger to their Tribe precisely when they are needed most.

We’ve got a clear case of Deluded Warriors vs. Deluded Warriors:
One group attacking the women and children of another Tribe in the deluded belief that this will make its own women and children safer …
… And the other group running away in the deluded beliefs that a) men without power are any threat to anyone and b) that self-preservation trumps violent action in defence of women of children.

But wait a minute. Surely the Deluded Warriors that run away are simply looking after their Women and Children at home by surviving the Incident? Well in that respect the Writer has until this point been disrespectful, and all respect therefore and apologies is immediately offered. A man’s choice is his to make, and this one is a real dilemma.

But are you really choosing by running away? Or are you just, in legging it, reacting? With the amount of conditioning to abandon our primal instincts, it is difficult to say that anybody had any choice at all in what they did, especially in London, where the Ego is most tempted by all, as Samuel Pepys said, that life can afford; that is fully and respectfully acknowledged— perhaps not as much as you would like, but I’m doing my best.

Yet, still.

In the realm of the principled rather than the personal:

No, survival of the Incident was not the male Tribal duty — management of the Incident as a physical incursion was the male Tribal duty (and therefore containment of, not escape from, the Threat).

And, as for the idea of staying out of trouble so that you can keep your own family alive, could we not too provocatively consider this:

Since when did the survival of the Women and Children ACTUALLY depend on the Man surviving anything? Never. We honour Women by doing our best to serve them in their surviving; we dishonour Woman by claiming sovereignty over this surviving.

We as Men don’t own anything; even our Selves we husband only, though as Sovereign; remember, it is the very Land that this society is so keen to cover in concrete that owns us. So no wonder we don’t know what we are doing as Men.

Perhaps though one of us Men DID put in a good showing at Borough? Any Exception there that proves the Rule of Deluded Warriors? Have we, perhaps, got a male Hero somewhere in this?

We have two.

First, 39-year old Ignacio Echeverria, who was killed having had a go at the terrorists with a skateboard. His sister, according to The Independent, has written on Facebook that, “my brother Ignacio tried to stop some terrorists and lost his life trying to save others.”

An honourable death is perhaps cold comfort to his sister and his family. But it WAS an honourable death. And in doing what he did, maybe many further lives were saved.

Better know is our second Hero. Introducing to those of you who haven’t heard of him, the “Lion of London Bridge” — the lone football fan, the Millwall Lion, who took on all three attacking Deluded Warriors with his bare fists.

And you know what our Hero roared as he launched into the attack so committed that was put himself into Intensive Care?

As he reported it himself: “FUCK YOU, I’M MILLWALL!”

“FUCK YOU!” he might as well of said, “I AM TRIBE!”

This guy GETS it.

The fact that the tribal affiliation of the Lion of London Bridge is to a football team (with all the Shadowed connotations of that) and not to a nation or a gender or to a “respectable” Tribe of any kind is neither here nor there.

This HERO, this “normal guy” who the rest of the world would label a brute and a poison upon the Earth by his simple association with Millwall, heard the call of Tribe and HE ANSWERED WITH ACTION; LITERALLY JUST A FEW MORE OF HIM, AND MAYBE THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN LESS DEATHS.

Look, maybe I personally am entirely deluded in all this. I present my observations with the sure knowledge that they are only personal observations. But I can tell you something:

The Lion of London Bridge was not, in this matter, Deluded.

In the pursuit of violence for violence’s sake a Man of Tribe would be Deluded; but when violence is pressed upon a Man’s Tribe, then the brutish instinct of violence is, in the instant, the noble instinct; because it potentially saves Women’s lives.

But you other lads thought different.

To all the other men involved, how can I put this other than:


There were hundreds of us. And three of them. Surely if we’d have gone for them en masse there would have been NO murders at all? Isn’t that the simple probability of the matter? Women’s lives would have been saved.

So in this case then, the brutish instinct was the noble instinct; for what is nobler, men, then saving women’s lives and even dying in the attempt?

Are you telling me we wouldn’t lay down our life for a woman?

Fuck off. Of course we would.

We’ve dreamt about doing it; we may well have even done it before; and some of us have probably even you-know-whatted about it.

Why didn’t we save the women’s lives, then, at Borough? (Because I know in our Heart that is the link between Brothers that we would lay down our life for a woman.)

I’ll tell you why. Because we forgot that that’s what we were supposed to do. That’s NOT our fault. The Western society in which we live gives us virtually zero chance, as men, to experience ourselves as we are meant to be. So we grow up out of touch with who we are and what we are supposed to do.

Even the simple business of protecting the women and children becomes confused and forgotten in the comforts and conveniences, false terrors and false gifts offered in exchange for co-operation with Government, the neurotic Ego that we as Tribe have allowed our Shadow Selves to install in false judgement upon us.

We are, along with Women, Tribe; which is the Ego of the Land, and the Soul of the Our Land is our Hearts. We don’t need Government if we let our Souls run our Egos.

But don’t try and rip Government down. Just let it get on with it. Remember the Government is simply the projection of our collective spiritual Selves in a totally real way. If we try and influence Government materially in a spirit of protest, we are simply fighting your spiritual Shadow Self; instead, allow that ALL inside yourself may influence us, and we will transcend that influence; the outside world will no longer protest our spirit but embrace and manifest it. We will then be proper tooled-up to ACTUALLY make a positive difference in the outside world.

Get it?

You’ve got the whole of You and your Sovereign State of Man to sort out — forget about the national Government (just like we forgot the women we abandoned at Borough because society has drugged us into forgetting what’s important; now that’s harsh, and deliberately so, but maybe it simply needs to be said.)

Don’t forget that this situation is not our fault. It is nobody’s fault. A simple truth is at work here: if you repress something inside of yourself, it will come out in the real world in toxic form. That’s what we’re all doing en masse as Men and Women because we’ve become distanced from the Land by the comforts of our own society. And the result is a big and scary mess. (I love the comforts of society personally, but I’m aware that in my connection with the Land is available a natural strength and a reliable governing morality.)

It’s not our fault as men that we don’t know what we are doing, that we are miserable and we don’t know why. We’ve got instincts and they are systematically denied. We haven’t been allowed to feel all of ourselves, and the result is that we can’t feel our way through life as we are supposed to. Instead, we have to use our minds/Egos to make one fatuous Right vs. Wrong decision after another; and the darling Ego, by pushing rather than flowing, always gets it arse-about-face.

In Ego, we lose what we most want to keep; we gain what we most want to lose; we hurt those we love.

Yes, in the Borough Incident, maybe I would have bottled it too and took me and my pint sharpish in the opposite direction.

Yes, it must have been ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. Yes, committing violence upon doers of violence is a demanding ethical tightrope (and that’s exactly why ethics can be skipped here, for it is ethics that got people killed).

Yes, sincerely, for the families of the deceased, it was a tragedy — and one that I would suggest was a true honouring for those Souls, in that they passed on in an event of such significance; it is not for me to register anything but my respects to the passed Souls and their families, and this is my way of doing so: by telling the truth as I see it.

Honestly and obviously, this assessment is not about moral condemnation and judgement; but about finding the Healing.

But, equally: no, I won’t have it that the Borough Incident is anything to do with race, let alone “terrorism” (the greatest Shadow Self play, the sum of all fears, the Grand Neurosis of the Western Egocracy … sorry, Western Government).

And no, I won’t have it that the Borough Incident was, for society at large, a tragedy.

Apart from anything else, in Karmic terms and by what we might term the metaphysical “Law of Spiritual Oscillation”, the trauma of all the attacks has cleared space for positive, healing activity of an exactly equivalent intensity (so, healers, get on it!).

Law of … er … what? Each side, according to this Law, gets a spin on the floor — Light then Dark, Light then Dark, one after the other. This Law of Spiritual Oscillation means that from tragedy always springs opportunity. So let’s not waste the opportunity. Let’s honour the Passed Souls with committed work in honour of the truth as we, as individual Souls, see it.

Let’s observe too that the Borough Incident has brought to public attention the crux of a mega societal problem — to which the solution is all too clear. So a tragedy it ain’t. It’s an opportunity. It’s the Man Problem.

We must realise that BEING A MAN MEANS MAKING WAR ON FALSEHOOD WITHIN OURSELVES — not MAKING WAR ON THE FALSEHOODS WE PERCEIVE IN THE OUTSIDE WORLD. This Borough Incident is a dramatic example of the trauma that ensues otherwise. And if repressed instinct doesn’t come out dramatically in murder and sexual violence for you (well done, firstly), but know that it plays out in your normal life in a thousand mistreatments of yourself and others. It has to.

And where else, if you do not accept it, has this killer instinct to go but through the Shadow of your disapproval? No wonder it comes out dark.

Being a man means being “man” enough to look inside ourselves at what we least want to see. As does being a woman mean the same, without the gender-specific expression. Sovereignty over one’s Self means attacking with the courage to see ourselves truly and completely — NOT attacking and denying those bits of ourselves that we see entirely falsely through a sense of Right vs. Wrong.

In the Borough Incident, both sets of men are so scared, so in thrall to their Shadow Self, that they act OPPOSITE TO REAL MAN; they act as FALSE MAN; entirely Deluded Warriors who end up, thanks entirely to delusion, with the opposite result that they’re after. They’ve accepted Right vs. Wrong and thereby judged a part of themselves to be Wrong — so guess what, the “wrong” murderous bit then manifests in the traumatic violence they themselves are dishing out or just doesn’t trip at all when it is supposed to, in the case of the men who (perhaps quite sensibly) legged it.

We as men have learnt that it is “wrong” to be violent, so we do not love our violence; it cannot therefore feel at peace, and it comes out as … er … violence.

Get a fucking grip, lads.

The Shadow Self that tempts you with Right vs Wrong makes no allowances for gender (thankfully) — but, as men, we know what our Sacred Duty is, right? Whatever man you are, from banker (I used to be one) to New Age Wanker (ahem)— our Sacred Duty is the same:

If you’re looking for the meaning of your Life as a man, it is to

End of.

This isn’t some hippy bollocks. The Borough Incident highlights that getting the “abstract” metaphysics “wrong” means that people get killed — WOMEN GET KILLED.

What has it come to when we are so scared as Men of the worst happening that, when the worst does actually happen, we run away?

That’s fucked up. But then who am I, as Writer, to say “we, as men, should done this or that?” I accept that I am arrogant, and try to compensate. It is from all the humility that I can reveal in myself that I present these ideas; but with clarity I accept that there is pride here in me too, in the form of ambition that you understand me and admire my understanding of myself.

It’s never-fucking-ending.

I can’t get away from being a twat sometimes, that’s the whole point — so I might as well accept it. You can’t get away from it either sometimes, so why not just accept it too? And then we might all end stop acting like twats.

When the great threatening wave of the Shadow Self comes looming above me, I just accept that I am going to get wet. I know that I will be dry instantly. And then perhaps wet again instantly. If I start fearing that I am going to drown, my Self may well drown in its own fears in this lifetime; look around you, it happens. But if I can accept this Duality, if I can see this mechanical system for what it is, accept — with Love — the inevitability of this quantum flip/flop state of Always/Never Wet/Dry with Love rather than Fear, then I can experience it all without emotional impact and without suffering; I can transcend Duality thereby — via a Singularity, a fractal quickening of experience — to the equally fractal Singularity (the Oneness) of the Heart and Soul, Land and Warrior. Here is where things get truly magical. Here is where the Shadow Self is shown to be a perfect half of a perfect whole, which is the Self; and the Self, as a result of the acceptance of the Shadow Self, is shown to be a perfect One with Oneness and Its Self as One. Here, as Spiritual Warrior, we discover that we have already made our bones; we are already riding our Dragon, which is our magnificent Shadow Self, and together we are truly Sovereign at Behest of the Land, that is our Soul.

The Shadow Self explains why you, as a man, treat women the way you do, but don’t know why. It explains everything about your life that does not (ironically) “feel right”. Pollution of yourself by your Shadow Self is happening right now. It happens whatever you do — unless you simply face it and harness it. That’s just the reality of manifestation.

And I’m not forgetting here that this is not easy. As Western men, we are not supported; we have to face the fact too that “society” is actively reinforcing our lack of connection with what it means to be a man. We were never given an initiation into manhood in the first place, let alone a map, and now, as society goes into spiritual spasm, we men are getting more and more miserable in our impotence: “in 1981, 63% of UK suicides were male, but in 2013 the figure was 78%.”

If you’re a man in the UK of a certain age in 2017,

That’s what the statistics say.

But what does your Heart say, Brother?

That you are part of something that is truly great? That within you is a magnificent Call to action that you can hear all-too-well, but cannot act upon?

You can act upon the Call, Brother.

We don’t need to play out its echo on the streets, thrashing around in desperation that we can’t quite hear the beat or feel the magic.

The Call can only be answered if you are prepared to listen to both sides of your own personal story. Search for the Darkness inside of you and listen to it quietly without judgement, and the Light inside of you will Call to you in all its magical power. Then you truly will be your own music, as Dark serves The Light of you, and your Ego serves your Soul.