Eventually, even Bernie Sanders would stand on that hill and bring up emails, speaking fees, allow his cult to call her a whore, ignore the death threats some of his followers made, and then sit silently as they sabotaged the Philadelphia convention. Because he too was beaten by Hillary and he too could not stand it. Still can’t. Now he’s made it his mission to bring down the entire Democratic party as his last-gasp bucket-list revenge. His supporters play right along, thinking once again that they’ve a right to seek retribution. In their minds the DNC unfairly “chose” Hillary over Bernie and boy are the Democrats going to pay for jilting them.
Why the GOP and the Bernie Left Don’t Care About “the Russia Story”
Sasha Stone

Mysogynous behavior from the left was painfully obvious this election cycle. They did the country a great disservice. The Trump nightmare is very real and we must all suffer throught it because of the disunity created by the alt-left.

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