Announcing a new (and easier) way to pay
Curology Team

I’m also not really liking this change. I have found that I usually run out in less than two months of the regular sized bottle, so there is no way I would make a small bottle work in 1 month. I actually went to a dermatologist so I could get a $5 tube of Clindamycin to help so I wouldn’t have to keep getting more bottles shipped. I might have to lose Curology now sadly and just stick to the $5 tube :( … I honestly think it’s best to use it twice a day. Once at night, then I wash my face in the morning and use it in the morning to keep my face clean through my commute, workday, and workout. So, now I use the Clindamycin tube in the morning and Curology at night. I’d hate to have to go and get Azealic Acid somewhere else now too, but it might have to happen if things don’t work out. If anything, you should have done the regular sized bottle, shipped every 30–60 days, same price (so what you have). Smaller bottle, every month, perhaps $15/mo. IMO :) I like the product but just think this change doesn’t make sense. Thanks!

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