Ardena Food Brings Restaurant-Grade Foods to Your Home

Ardena- Grade Foods to Your Home

Do you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast without wasting your money preparing the food? Have you always wanted to enjoy fresh seafood at home? Do you want to prepare your food quickly without sacrificing the food’s taste and nutrients? For all of your food-related needs, Ardena Food can give you a fast, cheap and convenient solution. You can enjoy restaurant-grade food served on your table. With Ardena Food products, you can make your meals enjoyable with zero hassle.

What Is Ardena Food?

Ardena Food is a frozen food brand name established by Ardena Artha Mulia company. The company, previously called Maulana Food, started its business in late 2013. On May 2014, it formed a joint venture and expanded its frozen food business in the greater Jakarta region and its neighboring cities in Banten and West Java. Ardena Food now uses the internet and other marketing channels extensively to market and distribute their products.

What Are Ardena Food Products?

Ardena Food products consist of best frozen foods that can be stored in a fridge over a long period of time and then served using a simple reheating procedure. All foods are already cooked when customers receive them. The freezing method is used to preserve the foods and to ensure that they are always edible whenever needed. No dangerous preservative and additive is used during the processing of the foods, so they are completely safe to consume and their nutrients and taste stay intact regardless of how long you decide to store the foods.

Frozen foods, such as chicken nugget and sausage, are indeed not new things in the food industry. Ardena Food brings something new by offering best frozen foods with more varieties and more varied ingredients. Therefore, instead of eating plain nugget, you can get a large variety of seafood with squid, eggs, fishes, shrimps, salmon, and many other fancy ingredients in it. Because all of those ingredients are also known for their nutrients, you will get not only delicious meals, but also nutritious ones, and you can get them without much hassle.

Where to Get Ardena Food Products?

Ardena Food products are now distributed in the Jakarta area and in many cities in the neighboring provinces. You can order them through Go Food and Grab Food services if you find that convenient. Ardena Food products are also marketed and distributed online through online marketplaces, so you may still be able to get them even if you don’t live near Jakarta. Ardena Artha Mulia is making expansion to its business, so hopefully, its business coverage should reach farther areas, and even worldwide market, in the future.

Are They Certified?

Ardena Food products are all certified as food products that are safe for consumption. Their production is monitored and approved by the National Agency of Drug and Food Control of the Republic of Indonesia, so there is nothing to worry about their safety of consumption. For Muslims, the halal quality of Ardena Food products have also been affirmed because they have acquired a halal certificate from the Ulama Council of Indonesia.

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