Different types of exceptions in php

In this article we will see how to use exception subclasses in PHP.


When an error occurred during the code execution.

A usual case scenario is when there’s a mistake during a database connection; we throw a runtime exception because the failure only occurs when we run the code :


When your code is trying to do something illogical.

You have a LogicException when there’s a logic-related error in your code. For exemple we can’t accelerate a car if the engine is not started :


When the key you’re looking for is invalid.

An OutOfBoundsException occurs when a key is invalid. Let’s say we have a container to store objects:


When the argument you have provided is invalid.

Let’s say we have a bank account, in PHP we can’t check if an argument is an integer, so we have to do some validation :

Now, we can provide an integer only to the credit() method :



When there was an error.

This exception can be used to register an error handler that converts errors to exceptions :


When the method you’re trying to call is invalid.

In Doctrine there is a repository to fetch objects from your database. You can call methods like findOneBySlug(‘php-exceptions’). Doctrine makes a good usage of this method in the EntityRepository:


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