Three Brand-New Itineraries and Early Booking Incentives!

From April 2020, cruise lovers can enjoy U River Cruises ‘ seven-night itineraries throughout hot spot European destinations such as Vienna, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Salzburg, Bratislava.

New offerings include added overnight stays, complimentary happy hour every night for guests to socialize, and even more active excursions.

“Eastern Europe is hot and we’re excited to offer three brand-new U itineraries for 2020. U’s itineraries are created with active, social and culturally curious travelers in mind — free time to allow travelers to wander on their own, unique choice of active and immersive excursions with local hosts, and a vibrant onboard environment…

Johor Bahru & Nearby: Cheap things to do with Kids Part 4

- Dim Sum

- Durian

- Porridge

- Chee cheong fun

When we go to Malaysia, we always look out for dim sum and durian places.

Here are some of the places we’ve visited:

Tong Dim Sum is located at Bukit Indah, a convenient drive from the Second Link.

Most of the food items are priced around RM5. Our favourite dim sum items were the fried prawn rolls and red bean buns.

If you haven’t been to Kuching, you should seriously consider a vacation there.

Kuching has a wide variety of activities for families with kids, from nature to playgrounds, from supermarkets to night markets, from beaches to caves.

Kuching is also just an hour’s flight away from Singapore, hence this destination is suitable for families who are flying with children for the first time or who prefer a quick, manageable flight.

We flew by MAS as the airline was having a sale, with 30kg of check in luggage per person, reasonable flight timings during the day and prices which were not too different from budget airlines.

Driving in Kuching

You can easily rent a car in…

Johor Bahru & nearby: Cheap things to do with Kids Part 3

- Batu Pahat

- Yong Peng

To save money, we have been taking short family trips to Johor, which has many treasures to discover and appreciate. It is easy to find places to visit via blogs, TripAdvisor and Google Maps.

For Batu Pahat and Yong Peng, we chose to make day trips as we were based in Kluang.

Although we couldn’t finish visiting all the interesting sights in these two towns, I hope this will give you a better idea of what you can do in Batu Pahat and Yong Peng.

What To Do In Batu Pahat

Batu Pahat is about a 2 plus hour drive from Singapore. It is a…

Johor Bahru & nearby: Cheap things to do with Kids Part 2 in Kluang!

Kluang (bat in Malay) is home to several organic farms and has an old school charm.

Our trip this time round consisted of visiting Kluang, Batu Pahat and Yong Peng. After researching accommodation and attractions in each area, we chose to stay in Kluang and travel to the other areas during the day.

In comparison, Yong Peng didn’t have much activities and shopping centres to hang out at night (Kluang has 2 shopping centres with cinemas and an Aeon Big), and Batu Pahat was a longer drive away from the North South Highway compared to Kluang so it would be…

Johor Bahru & nearby: Cheap things to do with Kids Part 1 — Forest City, Kukup, Pontian.

Johor Bahru is an multi-hyphenate destination in Malaysia. It has shopping, eating, city, nature, new towns and old towns within a short drive.

We planned a relatively relaxed family trip over the weekend to Johor Bahru and the South-western part of Johor.

Apps we used to get to Johor Bahru:

1. — for a condo apartment (with swimming pool and playground located across the road from Paradigm Mall, one of the newest malls in Johor Bahru)

2. and Beat the Jam! — to monitor traffic on the Causeway and Second Link

3. Grab — for transport when we…

Families with kids aged 7 and above, and grandparents aged 80 and below, can dash through a series of exciting challenges around Downtown East on 7 July 2019, Amazing Race-style!

(Scroll to the end for more information on Downtown East’s Open House.)

Why participate in D’Dash at Downtown East?

Form your own team of five people and complete a series of tasks that require your team to display all the talents you have.

Fun challenges include deciphering puzzles, completing a Mannequin challenge, and even trying on a GoKart ride.

What exciting prizes do the top teams stand to win?

The top three teams stand to win cash and prizes!

First prize — $1000 cash and $250…

Scenarios, Situations and Strategies of the US-China Trade War − this is what a roomful of distinguished panellists and concerned individuals discussed over an ISAS-ATC-WEF panel discussion.

Floral table arrangements are beautiful creations that can be used for a wide variety of occasions.

They can be customised to your desires and set the mood for any space.

Before you judge these women, understand first why they choose to stay in abusive relationships.

You may know a beautiful woman who seems to have gotten her life together successfully, except she harbours a dark secret of how her boyfriend abuses her when no one is looking.

Abuse doesn’t only come in the form of physical, but also emotional.

Why are such successful women still staying with their abusive boyfriends when they deserve better?

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