5 Reasons Pokémon Go Is Good for Singapore

Don’t snort, there’s actually some good stuff going on here.

Pokémon Go was released today in Singapore and it has totally taken over many people’s lives, and handphones.

Here’s why I think Pokémon Go is actually a good thing for Singapore, even though this game comes with its own set of pitfalls (like tired arms).

Japanese invited Pokémon hanger for tired arms
Japanese invited Pokémon hanger for tired arms (Source: Rocketnews24)

1. We’re a community again

The last time a game unified so many people (to my memory) was Counterstrike, where although we were stuck to individual computers, we still played as a team and hung out together.

Pokémon Go has a similar effect. Although there are lone players, I’ve seen entire families on bicycles and scooters travel together to hunt down Pokémon at lure sites.

Going out with friends is in again.

Pokémon groups
Pokémon groups (Source: Vulcan Post)

Playgrounds and elderly exercise areas are hip among young adults again who congregate at these locations during a lure.

2. Couples talk to each other more

Couples spend the day taking walks and chatting about the latest tips, instead of one playing Candy Crush and the other checking the stock market, both in their own world of silence.

Catching Pokémon with the husband
Catching Pokémon with the husband

3. Lazy people transform to hardworking ones

With a big incentive to walk to a pokestop, gym or lure location, lazy people are getting more exercise!

Losing weight by exercise with Pokémon Go
Losing weight by exercise with Pokémon Go (Source: Facebook)

HPB and Sport Singapore can’t claim credit for this.

4. Get to know your neighbours and neighborhood

With gyms at residential areas, maybe we will have more chances to know our virtual neighbours better.

The pokestops also highlight local landmarks which may otherwise be overlooked by passers-by. Now you’ve a new reason to attend Sunday service.

Pokémon Go pokestop: Evangel Family Church
Pokémon Go pokestop: Evangel Family Church

CCs can consider creating lure parties to boost their event attendance, with free Wi-Fi and handphone charging stations.

5. Brick-and-mortar businesses have an opportunity to increase footfalls

Frasers Centrepoint and Ion Orchard have started leveraging on Pokémon Go lures to attract players to their malls.

Fraser Centrepoint malls Pokémon Go contest
Fraser Centrepoint malls Pokémon Go contest (Source: Facebook)

Go get a drink and enjoy free aircon while hunting your Pokémon down.

— — -

I can’t wait to see what other interesting developments happen from having Pokémon Go in Singapore!

Originally published at Jules of Singapore.