How I QUIT COFFEE and Why You Should Too

Sol Cleanse Cold Pressed Juice — Courage — Orange, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric

Yep happy to report to you I am now 21 days coffee free.

If you had asked me 21 days ago if I had thought this was going to be possible or actually even if I wanted to be coffee free I’m sure my answer would have been a very big NO WAY.

What brought about this crazy notion to completely give up coffee? Well first I need to give you some background into my coffee addiction. I’ll admit it was an addiction. I had gone past the point of enjoying coffee and it truly was starting to rule my life. Before I could even crawl out of bed in the morning, I was searching for that first cup. Granted it was just an espresso shot of pure crema goodness, but nonetheless my body was craving it, or at least I thought my body was craving it……now I know that it was more likely my mind telling me to repeat the habit I had formed.

You see in life we create routines, habits if you will and over time I had formed the habit of a morning coffee….a ritual if you like. Trouble for me was that after that first boost of caffeine to get me off to a start there would inevitably be a slump mid morning (sound familiar?) and then likely a cappuccino would sneak its way into my day and sometimes even a pre-workout long black later in the afternoon too.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying coffee is bad for you. Heck no!! In fact I truly believe nothing you consume should be given the label of either ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ for you. All consumables should be thought of as being ‘neutral’ neither one or the other. Anyway I digress, what’s not so great is the fact coffee was controlling me and not the other way round, and that is my point. That is why coffee had to go.

So how did I QUIT COFFEE?

Simple really and most unexpected. I was asked at my local gym if I would like to participate in a 3 day juice cleanse. I’ve been curious about detoxing via a cleanse for sometime but never liked the idea of actually having to drag out the juicer and prepare a juice every 2 hours, totally impractical when you are working mum like me. So when the gym said the juice company would deliver to the door the entire 3 days worth of juice I was in. All I really could focus on was the idea of no meals to cook, no dishes to clean, ah the joy! My next thought was surely my husband and child could fend for themselves, just for 3 days. He he.

Well a few days before the cleanse, the juice company sent me an email with a lovely ebook attachment. In the ebook it gave me some great advice about preparing for the next 3 days, even down to suggesting I QUIT COFFEE in the lead up. The idea behind this was to give my body the best possible chance to reap the benefits of the detox the cleanse would induce.

So that was the catalyst, just the shove I needed to decide to say goodbye to my addiction, coffee.

And let me tell you it was lucky I took their advice. Day 1 of the cleanse really through me for an absolute sixier. I was down and out for the count by mid afternoon. I barely made it through a day at the office, picking up my daughter from childcare and getting her home into daddy’s safe arms. I crawled into bed before 7pm and slept a solid 10 hours, I new record for me !

Day 2 & 3 were incredible though. Boy did I have energy to spare, productivity went through the roof and clarity was on point. It was a huge surprise to me to find that I could very happy and quite easily live of juice. Although I will tell you I did dream of chewing my foods again by the evening of Day 3 and a few thoughts of protein did enter my mind too.

The thing was though I did not think of COFFEE once, nope not once. My body did not crave it in fact the opposite. My hubby still made his morning brew each morning, I saw and smelt it right there in front of me whilst I sipped on my juice. Did not feel like joining him though. Other thing I noticed on the cleanse was my taste buds seemed to be returned to their former glory. By this I mean the juices were tasting ahh-mazing, I could distinguish the flavours, lemon, ginger, beetroot even down to the kale. At first I credited this to the cleanse and the process of detox, now 21 days later I’d have to say quitting coffee played a bigger part in the return of my glorious taste buds.

The cleanse did ignite my self control, give me a platform to practice discipline and to remember what it is to abstain. So even though I could have returned to coffee drinking after Day 3 I just did not want to. I decided I was enjoying being coffee free and that I was up for the challenge to stay that way.

Tell me how’s your relationship with COFFEE ? Addicted or not???

Do you think you would consider a 3 day juice cleanse to quit?