Why Our Education System Is Bankrupting Us And What We Can Do About It?

It’s the question that’s on everyone’s mind… Is college really worth it?

With the average price of a four-year degree costing $150,000 and only half of grads actually using them, it’s no wonder why the value of a college education has come under scrutiny.

More so than any other time in history, an increasing number of students are considering alternatives to traditional higher education. Factors such as inadequate preparation for work and crippling student debt to the tune of $2.1 trillion nationally, are weighing heavily on the decision.

According to recent polls, 80% of employers won’t hire college graduates who haven’t had real-world experience in their field. The gap between what students are actually learning and how prepared they are for work is a significant concern.

Top companies like Google are recognizing the diminished value of a college degree and sourcing 27% of their new hires from non-graduates. Similarly, innovator PayPal founder Peter Thiel is incentivizing college students with $100,000 to drop out of school and pursue their own creative business ventures.

From a student’s perspective, college isn’t working because of its emphasis on a one-track career path, high tuition costs, and outdated information in the curriculum. Students aren’t able to learn up to date information and skills fast enough to keep up with our continuously evolving society.

On average it takes about 2 years for a university to make an update to a curriculum. What is working today will no longer be working by the time the students are learning it, causing a massive gap in education.

That’s where CreateU founder, Jules Schroeder, envisions a new possibility. Her revolutionary online platform, CreateU, provides students an education experience unlike any other that is less costly and more current with today’s evolving world.

CreateU reimagines traditional higher education where students can learn relevant, applicable skills within a one year online program. Imagine being able to learn music from Kelly Clarkson’s former manager, or study writing from National Geographic’s top writer of the year, or business from someone that has started a billion dollar company.

These are just a few of the experts collaborating with CreateU to redefine education.

Your education at CreateU is uniquely your own. You become the visionary of your course of study, and ultimately your life. There is no need to pick a major or follow a path someone else has paved for you; your choices are limitless and a reflection of the highest self you are creating in the world.

CreateU is a movement in collaboration with the United Nations Global Goals campaign, out to tackle education head on. Jules believes that just because we have been following an outdated system for decades doesn’t mean we should have to keep following it anymore. It is time for an upgrade and that is what she is out to accomplish.

In order for our youth to be able to solve the world’s most pressing problems their education needs to teach them the relevant skills. Having 70% of our 22 year old graduates in debt of $35,000 or more as a way to start their future going into jobs where only 48% will use their degrees is simply unacceptable.

It’s about time our outdated education system learned a new lesson. Today’s generation of youth deserve to learn the tools and skills they need to thrive.

CreateU is pioneering the movement for contemporary education that grows and expands like we do. If you’d like to join them, you can learn more about CreateU at www.createu.life.