I’ve been telling everyone that I want to go live abroad for several years now. I even started saying a hashtag with it… #France2k18! I figure that the more I tell people, the more likely that I’m going to be held accountable for actually going.

I’ve been mostly wanting to go because:

  1. Comfort. I’ve lived my whole life in a comfort bubble. I’ve never been anywhere where I’ve been surrounded by people I don’t know. No matter the experience, whether it was summer camp or college or summer internship, there were always at least a handful of people who I knew going to the same place. There’s nothing wrong with comfort, per se, but I do wish I had the chance to just start in a completely new environment, with no connections tied to anything, and learn how to be an individual.
  2. Individual time. Given my current location, it’s really easy to have my weekends just fill up. And weekdays. I basically never have time left to just sit and think and write. I would love to be able to just have a lot more time than I’m used to having, but that’s hard when I live so close to so many friends.
  3. Culture. People do things differently. People have different perspectives, but I’ve grown up surrounded by people like me. Learning about different ways of life will force me to think critically about why people do things in different ways and make my own decisions on what’s better.
  4. Adulting. I’ve been handheld when it comes to taxes, finding an apartment, figuring out insurance, basically everything a competent adult should know how to do. Going abroad and figuring things out myself will be a good accomplishment in becoming an independent adult.

My current biggest fear is that I will not make any friends in France, but I highly doubt that will happen. If necessary, I guess I’ll go out of my comfort zone to make friends. France is only less than a year away!

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